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Gangline Recap Week 6: Washington's Opponent's Week in Review

This week was crazy, once again, with blind quarterbacks, formerly blind grandpa's, Halloween coming early, and more. After this week, UW only has three undefeated opponents.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

Opponents' Overall Record: 38-19

Opponents' Record Last Week: 4-5

Teams off this week: Boise State, Arizona, Oregon State

Illinois (3-2) @ Nebraska (4-1)

This game showed that Illinois is still in the bottom half of the Big Ten. The offense was able to get yards, but it just couldn't capitalize when it needed to. On the day, the Illini were 2-4 on 4th down conversions, and lost the ball twice at around the 50 yard line to turnovers. Illinois also had no way of stopping Ameer Abdullah, as he gashed them for 225 yards on 20 carries ... that's over 20 yards per carry. Final score: Nebraska wins 39-19.

North Dakota (2-3) @ Idaho State (2-3)

This was a close game, but Idaho State's defense couldn't hold in the final minutes in order to get its offense a change to get within field goal range. With 2:07 left in the game, the Bengals scored a touchdown and converted on the 2-point attempt to bring the score within three. That was it though, as North Dakota converted a third and seven on a nifty pass of 28 yards to ice the game. Final score: North Dakota wins 28-25.

#15 Washington (4-1) @ #5 Stanford (5-0)

No need to rehash this game ... let's just say Stanford came away from this one lucky to have a win ...

#2 Oregon (5-0) @ Colorado (2-2)

I was reading the recap on and couldn't help but laugh when I read that this game was over when the Ducks went up 22-10 in the FIRST QUARTER. That made me wonder why the rest of the game was even played. Well, it was played, and Marcus Mariota threw 5 touchdowns and racked up 355 yards in the air to go along with his 2 rushing touchdowns. The stat of the game comes from the final two minutes of the first quarter. The Ducks were up 15-10 with 2:08 left. One minute and twelve seconds later the Ducks were up 29-10. Final score: Ducks win 57-16.

#22 ASU (3-2) @ Notre Dame (4-2)

The Devils were held scoreless in the first and third quarters, and that was the difference in this game. Their offense just couldn't do enough to win it for them, even though ASU scored 21 points in the fourth quarter. Arizona State is a much different team on the road than at home. I guarantee that this game would have been different if Notre Dame came to Tempe. Final score: Notre Dame wins 37-34

Washington State (4-2) @ California (1-4)

I'll just take away the turnover line before I mention the score in this game. Passing yards: Wazzu-521, Cal - 521; rushing yards: Wazzu-49, Cal-64; 3rd down conversions: Wazzu-7 for 19, Cal-1 for 19 ... um, that's crazy close. The difference to this game was that Cal took Wazzu's job and played the roll of zombie, coughing up the ball 5 times. Creepy things are going on in Bear country and October has just started. Final score: WSU wins 44-22.

#12 UCLA (4-0) @ Utah (3-2)

Brett Hundley needs Lasic. He lost a contact lens before the game, and it almost cost the Bruins the game. Don't believe me??? How about this quote from Brett Hundley himself: "To be honest, I just saw some black jerseys and I was trying to run away from them." The Ute defense played very well, limiting the Bruins to a mere 34 points, which is 14 points lower then their season average ... Final score: Bruins win 34-27.