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Five Takeaways: Stanford

How real the Huskies are, special teams, the remaining schedule, the fight in the 2013 Huskies, and all of the money for Justin Wilcox are some of this week's takeaways.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

1. If there was any doubt about the "realness" of this team, it was put to bed on Saturday. The Huskies went on the road to a top 5 team and came within a minute of knocking them off. They showed that they're a name in the college football world this season, and the nation took notice.

2. Special teams needs to be addressed, but I don't know what the solution is that is going to make this team suddenly a better coverage team in one week. They were already playing first and second stringers on their coverage units, so there might not be much they can do there. The coaching staff isn't going to turn over at the position in 6 days. I'm sure Steve Sarkisian will say that they're emphasizing it this week -- and they should -- but that was said about penalties too and there hasn't been any noticeable improvement in that area.

3. The ceiling for this team has been blown off. There's not a game on the schedule that is unwinnable, and based on what the other teams around the conference have shown the Huskies look like they'll be favored in every game remaining on the schedule, save Oregon. And they should be expected to win those games.

4. They never gave up. That's really important. The players kept fighting and so did the coaches. That shows that the players believe not only in themselves and what they can do, but also that they've totally bought into what the coaches have been preaching. They're in sync. It would have been really easy to go into a shell after turning the ball over with six minutes left in the game when they were about to score and pull within a touchdown or field goal. The team kept fighting, fought right back into the game, and almost pulled it off.


Somebody is going to give it to him this offseason. I hope it's the University of Washington in the form of a raise and an extension.

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