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Game Preview and TV Schedule: #15 Washington at #5 Stanford

Once again the Huskies are going up against an undefeated team ... as they travel down to California to play the big and strong Stanford Cardinal. Who will come away victorious in this game? The answer probably lies in the turnover margin ...

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Who: #15 Washington @ #5 Stanford

Where: Stanford Stadium, Stanford, California

When: 7:30 pm Pacific

TV Schedule: Catch the game on ESPN with Brad Nessler (play-by-play), Todd Blackledge (analyst) and Holly Rowe (sidelines) providing the commentary.

Previews: Stanford Offense, Defense and Special teams; Q & A with Rule of Tree; Five Questions; Kirk's Prediction


UW has the edge in this series, leading it all-time at 41-37-4. The Huskies also have the lead in this series at Stanford with a record of 20-19-1. Last year the Huskies beat the Cardinal at home in a thrilling game, avenging an embarrassing loss from the previous year. This year Stanford looks to return the favor.


0 - The combined number of losses for each team thus far

2 - The number of kicks Stanford has blocked so far this season

3.5 - The number of tackles for loss Stanford's opponents are averaging this season

6.5 - The number of tackles for loss Stanford is averaging this season

.75 - The number of sacks per game Stanford is allowing

2.25 - the number of sacks Stanford is getting per game ...

483 - the number of times Stanford hit Wazzu's QBs last week

105 - The number of yards Stanford is allowing on the ground each game

218 - The number of yards Stanford is rushing per game

439.3 - The total number of yards Stanford's offense is averaging per game

What They're Saying

No insults intended; this is really just some gameweek fun ... so have a laugh. These quotes were removed from any relevant context that would give them any logical sense ...

looking ahead to the game... i think we can now, since they are the next game... i predict:
coming off a fresh pasting of the cougs, and with a fully stacked offensive line (with mr. yankey and mr hewitt back in business) and a fully stacked defensive backfield, coach shaw calls the cardinal into the film room and makes them watch a replay of the entire stanford-huskies game from last year.
by the time the game is over, not one member of the team could think of anything other than demolishing the huskies.
by then end of the first quarter, the score was 23-0, including a pick-6 and a blocked punt for a safety.
second quarter was even more merciless...price was sacked a total of 7 times by half time. (37-6)
stanford maintained its competitiveness through the 3rd quarter and sarkesian was able to muster one good drive by the end of the 3rd quarter (50-13).
and then stanford's reserves got to come out and play in the 4th quarter...
stanford wins 64-20

Noting else needs to be said here ... there's more, by the way ... right here. Read it if you dare, but you might want to cover the children's eyes. This guy appears to be an Oregon Duck fan in disguise, since I've never known a Stanford fan to get riled up about anything, even through the veil of anonymity the internet brings.

Questions needing answers

Offense: How will the offensive line hold up against Stanford's nasty front seven? What about our perimeter game ... will the skill players be fast enough? What kind of game is Bishop going to have this week, and will there be any Cardinal defenders with pants on at the end of the game?

Defense: Will we be able to put some good pressure on Kevin Hogan? How will our corners hold up while we stack the box to stop the run? Who is going to hit Hogan the hardest?

Miscellaneous: Will the crowd make any noise? What's the band going to do this week? Will the huskies lose to a team named after a wimpy color? Can we beat a top 5 team on the road???

This is going to be another crazy test for the Huskies. Since UW has been much less then even mediocre on the road the past few seasons, signs are pointing to another Husky loss. However, the team, at least this season, appears to have gotten over that hump, at least against Illinois, and seems to have a confidence and swagger that has been missing the past decade or so.

Look for the Huskies to play a lot of man defense while putting an extra defender or two in the box, not only to stop Mr. Gaffney from running all over the place, but also to put some pressure on Kevin Hogan ... hopefully to get him to make some mistakes. We'll see how this works out. This game has the possibility to be a high scoring affair; however, with two of the premier defenses taking the stage this week, the exact opposite could also be true. Final score: call it 24-21 Stanford.