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Midweek Debate: Winning the Bye

There are a lot of things going on during a bye week. We ask: what is the most important?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

A bye week a couple of weeks after the midpoint of the year is the perfect time. You're banged up, -- every team is -- you've got enough film of yourself that you can really analyze what you've done thus far, you have enough positives to sell and spin to highschoolers, and you've got more schedule for which to prepare.

So our debate now is: what is the most important aspect of winning the bye week?

Is it the health, and Getting guys like Keith Price, Josh Shirley and Kevin King healthy and those who missed time back to where they're contributing?

Is the self scouting time the most important, where the coaches can look at their tendencies, see where they've been most successful, and see in what areas they didn't do so well?

Bye weeks are always big for recruiting, with the coaches having time to hit the trail. Is it most important that they have a good week selling the program, try to overcome what has been a lull in their class, and continue to build the future of the program?

What about getting the team's youth some reps in practice?

How about the extra gameplanning time? Is their ability to watch more film of future opponents and maybe find a weakness that can be exploited the most important aspect of the bye?

Something else?