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Game Preview and TV Schedule: California at Washington

As both teams are reeling, this game looks to be one of those games. You know the kind that you would expect any number of odd things to happen ... let's just hope the inevitably strange things don't come at the hands of the refs.

I don't care what you say, that looks painful for both guys
I don't care what you say, that looks painful for both guys
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Who: California Golden Bears @ Washington Huskies

Where: Husky Stadium, Seattle, Washington

When: 8:00 pm Pacific/ 11:00 pm Eastern

TV Schedule: Fox Sports 1 (DirecTV Ch. 219)
Justin Kutcher (play-by-play), James Bates (analyst) and Brady Poppinga (sidelines)

Streaming Radio: Tune-In

Radio: 950 KJR, Sirius 92, XM 190

Previews: Cal's Offense, Defense and Special Teams; Five Questions; Q & A; the Prediction


The Huskies lead this series all-time at 48-38-3. The Dawgs are 24-17-2 at home.Currently, the Huskies have a four game winning streak against the Bears, and have won five out of the last six contests for a combined point total of 154-130. I had to mention this: the longest win-streak by the Huskies over the Bears is 19 games, from 1977-2001. That's just under double what Oregon has done to Washington.


For this portion, we'll look at the first three games of the season for Cal, and compare them to the next four ... it's not pretty. Luckily for Cal, and unluckily at the same time, the Bears got to play Wazzu ... which seriously padded their offensive stats.

In their first three games, which were against Northwestern, Ohio State and Portland State (they almost lost this game ...), the Bears averaged 555 yards per game. The next four games, which featured Oregon, Wazzu, UCLA and Oregon State the Bears averaged 399 yards per game. You can see that Cal has definitely lost a lot of their offensive production. You can also look at points and interceptions per game and get a similar story. The Bears went from throwing 1.3 picks per game to 1.5 picks per game. They also went from scoring 33.7 points per game in the first three to 16.25 points per game ... it's not pretty for the Golden Bear's offense.

The defense for the Bears, on the other hand, has been nothing but consistent this year. In the first three games they allowed 42 points per game, and in the last four they gave up 46.25 ... actually, that's worse than I thought. They're forced turnovers also went down over the course of the season. They started the season averaging two per game, but now the Bears are only averaging 1.25. Finally, the Bear's defense was actually giving up 556 yards of offense the first three games. However, over the last four games Cal has lowered that total to 502 yards per game.

What you are seeing is a Cal team that is derailing at a rather unfortunate pace. If they keep this up, they will set all kinds of school records that no coach ever wants to set ...

What They're Saying

No insults intended; this is really just some gameweek fun ... so have a laugh. These quotes were removed from any relevant context that would give them any logical sense .... These quotes are courtesy of ... specifically the "Are you going to watch the game" thread:

On Using Kline as QB:

I'm tired of seeing Kline come into the game down 35 points with a quarter to go and the defense knows he has to throw the ball ... This is beginning to seem like clock work. I think a big part of Dykes and Franklin not playing Kline comes down having to admit they made a mistake. I'm sure they're aware that Kline gives them the best chance to win and is the most confident qb on the team. When they said they wanted the most confident qb to be playing... it was just lip service.

Kline does not give us the best chance to win. I do not see what others seem to want to see. I'm sorry, but he has happy feet and abandons the play way earlier than he needs to. He also throws the ball completely up for grabs way too often. He has a strong arm but he is not ready mentally, yet. A scramble for a first down is exciting when you're starved for something to cheer for, but it's not how we are going to have our best chance to win ... I wouldn't care if Kline started. I kind of want to see it, actually, to see what he can do. But I didn't see much from him in that last game.

Realistically, people don't want to see Kline because they think he'll win the game or keep us from getting blown out. Nope, that will still happen, we are that horrendous and of all of our teams to play against Sarkisian, THIS is not the one that's going to beat him at home. The truth is people want to see Kline play because they're bored of watching the same guy lose and get blown out. The outcome will be the same because at this point it's a safe bet that one qb is only marginally ( by the slimmest of slim margins) better than the other. Rank them how ever you'd like, doesn't matter. But that uber slim margin is nowhere near enough to make up for how profoundly bad we are as a team.

I hope Kline transfers not because I hate Cal but I think the kids got talent and he won't get the chance to prove it here.

On if they are actually going to watch the game:

I'll probably turn the game on around 10 or 11pm... just out of curiosity. It will help elevate at 2 to 3 hours of depression from my life ... Thank god tomorrow is Saturday... and I can watch some "good" football games during the day, so it won't be a total loss.

I guess for some... it's just like a car wreck ...You can't help but look

I could not watch, but it wouldn't feel right. No point in trying to fool myself. I'm stuck being a loyal fan of a crappy team. There are worst things in life.

So yes, I will still watch, even though I too am one of those who is bored watching Goff lose and would be curious to see how Kline loses.

for most of us, we are just looking for some improvement and to give us some reason for some hope next year and gives me an excuse to have a brews and kick back.

Doesn't really seem like compelling TV in a poor time slot. Doubt I'll watch.

I really have no interest in watching the train wreck. Already did that back in 2001. Older and wiser now I hope.

Questions Needing Answers

Offense: Who will start at Quarterback? Will Sark go back to calling the plays that go to his team's strengths on offense? Will Bishop Sankey break 100 yards again? Is this the game that ASJ comes up big?

Defense:Will our secondary be able to stop the Bear Raid? Can we please see some college level tackling? How about some pass rush? Who will lead the team in interceptions this game? How much of Jared Goff's game is going to get eaten up by Danny Shelton?

Miscellaneous: How many Bear fans are actually going to watch this game? Will the weather play nice? How many fans are still willing to bark for Sark? Does anyone else giggle when they hear the name Sonny Dykes?


This game has all the makings to be a blow-out. The Huskies have a solid defense, and the Bears have a ghastly one. The game will be played at Husky Stadium. Cal is having an aweful season. Washington has something to prove to everyone, but most importantly to itself. However, deep down in everyone's mind fans are worried. The Arizona State game, the yearly blowout, keeps saying 7-6 ... 7-6 ... 7-6.

Well, quite frankly, I'm sick of that stupid voice in the back of my head. I want it to shut up, and the only way that will happen is for the Huskies the blow the Bears out of Montlake. It's going to happen, and you heard it here first ... maybe. Final score: Huskies 49 Golden Bears 17.

More Info

Media Information:
  • On Fox Sports 1, Direct TV Channel 219, with Justin Kutcher (play-by-play), James Bates (analyst) and Brady Poppinga (sidelines) providing the commentary.
  • The game will be available on Tune-in, 950 KJR-AM and the Washington IMG College Network, Sirius 92, and XM 190.
Gameday Dots:
Vegas Odds:

As I write this, Washington is a 28 point favorite, and the point spread is sitting at 67.5.

Game Thread:

Come on over to the game thread to have a little bit of jovial banter with fellow Dawg fans, and the occasional troll. You'll be happy you did. It opens up an hour or so before game time.