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Five Questions for the Huskies: Cal

Bouncing back, the QB situation, the blocking situation, stopping the Bear Raid, and Bishop Sankey are this week's questions.

Otto Greule Jr

1. How do the Huskies bounce back? There are two ways to go after suffering an humiliating defeat: you can pack it in and call it a year, or you can let it motivate you and turn things around. A year ago the Huskies were humiliated at Arizona, and responded by winning their next four, including a victory over then #7 Oregon State. The ship needs to be righted.

2. What's going on at QB? Is Keith Price healthy or are we going to see Cyler Miles get his first career start? If we do see Price, will his thumb bother him and effect his throws again? If we see Miles, do the play calls get changed a bit to reflect a slightly different skill set?

3. Whichever QB plays, how do they protect him? The book on UW says you can get to their QB, so expect all opponents to be bringing a lot of pressure going forward. Last week the running backs were embarrassing in their attempts to help in pass pro. Do they use a TE and potentially take Austin Seferian-Jenkins out as a pass catching threat? Do they use more sprint outs and half-rolls? Something has to change.

4. Can they stop the Bear Raid? The Husky defense has been exposed lately by spread passing attacks, and they're getting a number of them in the back half of the schedule. This is yet another test, and may tell us what we're going to see against teams like WSU and OSU.

5. Can Bishop Sankey get back on track? UW should be able to run the ball on Cal, but they should've been able to run the ball on ASU too. They need to get Sankey going early and often to be successful, especially if the quarterback position is in any way limited.