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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Last Goodbye Edition)

Our last goodbye to the Dawgfather with links to thoughts and remembrances from across the web.

One last farewell, Coach James.
One last farewell, Coach James.

Today's Dots are the last that we will dedicate to Don James before we begin to shift our focus back to the playing field and the rest of Husky athletics.  Though his shawdow casts a long and enduring presence over all of Husky athletics, I have to believe that Coach would have preferred that we focus our attentions on the program that he invested so much of his life cultivating.  Today, we'll do that.

Dawgfather Dots

  • In case you missed the Sports Center snippet on Don James - here it is:
  • The Huskies have announced a series of activities to remember and honor the late Don James.  These include a service on-camps for Sunday afternoon, a tasteful video and halftime tribute at this weekend's homecoming game versus Cal, and the sporting of a "DJ" patch on player helmets and coaches attire going forward.  You can see the full agenda on the GoHuskies website.
  • Give the Cal Golden Bears credit as they will also be honoring Don James this weekend.
  • Ivan Maisel posted the second excellent piece on ESPN commemorating the life and times of Don James with a focus on the respect that Coach commanded and always gave back.
  • John McGrath checked in with his own reflections on Coach James, noting that he wasn't always the cuddliest man in the world, but beloved nonetheless.
  • Speaking of not being cuddly, the Dawgfather gave an interview to Bob Rondeau right after his resignation before the 1993 season.  For those of you who have never heard it, they replayed it on the Husky Honks radio show.  It is amazing to go back in time and hear the anger that Coach James harbored towards both the Pac 10 and the local media.  Check it out at the 10:42 mark:
  • Gregg Bell writes an excellent piece on Coach James and the enduring impact that he has had, and will have, on the UW football program.
  • Here is a commentary on the Dawgfather from east of the Cascades.
  • A handy timeline on the Don James era.  The longevity of the Dawgfather is ridiculous, especially when you consider the fact that he left on his own accord following what he saw a betrayal by his administration and the other nine schools of the Pac 10.  He literally could have gone another 10 years.
  • Brock Huard shares some of his own Dawgfather memories.
  • A couple of more really cool radio reflections on Don James picked up from various radio segments:

    Billy Joe Hobert

    Keith Gilbertson

    Dave Hoffman

    Jim Mora

    Warren Moon


Question of the Day

Now that the worst of the week has passed and the optimism for gameday begins to percolate, what are your honest expectations for Saturday's game?

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