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Midweek Debate: Most Needed Improvement

The Huskies have been exposed as a very flawed team in a lot of areas in their three loss streak.

Jonathan Daniel

There are a ton of things wrong with this Husky football team right now. Every area of the team could use a bump in play, and most of them will need one if the Dawgs are going to be competitive in their last 5 games of the regular season.

So, Dawg Pound, which area above all others would you wave your magic wand and improve over night? Here are your contenders:

  • The passing game has gone from short quick passes and a heavy emphasis on screens to floundering at throwing the ball down the field.
  • The run game featured one of the best running backs in the country over the first six games, but all of a sudden in game seven they couldn't gain any yards whatsoever consistently.
  • The pass defense held its first five foes in checks, and then got eviscerated by its most recent two.
  • The pass rush has never been amazing, but mobile quarterbacks have exposed it for big chunks through the air and on the ground when they don't contain.
  • The run defense has been decent most of the year, but has been yielding yards consistently and doesn't have any sort of wow factor.

What'll it be, sports fans?