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Remembering Don James - thoughts and notes from around the Web.

Don James 1932-2013
Don James 1932-2013
KOMO News Video Screen Capture
Words of this nature have never come easy.  However, it strikes me that the measure of life isn't defined by the rings that were worn, the plaudits that were garnered or the dots that were collected.  It is measured in units of inspiration that one cultivates and leaves for the rest of us to borrow.  No great thing was ever achieved without the seed of motivation sown by those who passed before us.  In this way, the greatest among us never fade.

The passing of Don James has left a void in the hearts of any who have known him as well as those that looked to him for inspiration in whatever way he touched them. The cyberworld has exploded with words and thoughts in memoriam. These Dots are dedicated to the family and friends of Don James.

These are just a sampling of all the things buzzing around the web concerning Don James on this most difficult day.  Obviously, there will be more and we'll be here to dot it for you.

Question of the Day

No question today.  If you'd like to check in with your condolences, visit our open thread. If you have any anecdotes you'd like to share, please do.  It's good to have a forum like this to record and memorialize all of those little moments that weren't covered by KFAN or The Seattle Times but are part of the fabric of the life lived.

Peace.  Go Dawgs.