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Washington Huskies at Arizona State Sun Devils Second Half Thread

If you're still watching this garbage, talk about the garbage you're seeing here

A bunch of guys who have no fucking clue.
A bunch of guys who have no fucking clue.
Christian Petersen

The first half was a complete shitshow. The Huskies have been a better second half team all year, but they've dug themselves into such a hole in the first half of this game that it doesn't really matter.

Keith Price is not playing hurt, he's playing injured, and as a coach you have to recognize that and pull him from the game. He's not pulling himself. What are you waiting for, 20 straight incompletions? He's at 7 now.

The offensive line is still a disaster. They lose Dexter Charles and all of a sudden they can't do anything? Great work Coach Cozetto. Best in the biz.

The defense is performing adequately. They could be better, but the offense has been such a disaster that they've been on the field for the entire game, and still have managed to keep Arizona State out of the endzone a few times. That DOES NOT however excuse the complete mess that tackling was in the first half. Too many times were ASU players stopped, and then they just bounce away and keep running.

ASU is a good team. The Huskies are making them look a lot better than they are though.

Commence second half venting.