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Husky Keys to the Game vs Arizona State

Getting ASU's passing game off of its rails, focusing on one area of UW's offense, and the hidden yardage battle are this week's keys.

Otto Greule Jr

1. Make Taylor Kelly uncomfortable. If he's allowed to sit back in the pocket and throw at his leisure, he will pick apart the UW defense. Whether they use the Jetsons, blitzes, or are just able to get pressure with their regular group, something must be done if the Huskies expect to keep Arizona State from blowing up the scoreboard.

2. The run game has to be the star. The Sun Devils can be hurt on the ground, and the Huskies have the player who has been best in the country at doing that this year. Seems like a good combo for the Dawgs. The gameplan should be to 1) Run, 2) Run some more, and 3) Run until ASU stops it. It would be nice to see the Huskies come out and decide to run the ball down their throat, much in the same way they did to open the second half against Illinois when they called the same run play repeatedly until they scored a touchdown.

3. Win the hidden yardage game. The Huskies have been, to be blunt, godawful at this all year. They need to have a game where they get off that schneid by being sound in their special teams coverage, forcing turnovers in the opponent's territory, and/or making big special teams plays of their own. The offense has been good this year, but the rest of the team has done a job of making life unnecessarily hard on them.