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Five Questions For The Huskies: Arizona State

We ask about the pass defense, how much Bishop Sankey gets leaned on, turnovers, playing angry, and Jaydon Mickens.


1. Can the pass defense recover? ASU is another team that can whip the ball around at a high tempo, and though they don't have the weapons at QB and WR that Oregon does, they're still dangerous. Taylor Kelly has thrown for over 300 yards in every game save Colorado -- which was sewn up in the first quarter. If the secondary and pass rush do not step up, it could be another brutal game.

2. How much Bishop Sankey do we see? I would guess a ton. Sankey is a stud -- we know this -- and Arizona State has struggled defending the run against lesser backs. It would be nice to see the Huskies go on the road and use their bell cow to power them to victory, but also to get Jesse Callier and Dwayne Washington involved as well. ASU can be beaten on the ground, and the Dawgs can do it with several players. I hope they use all their options rather than continuing to grind Sankey into a nub.

3. Who turns the ball over more? The Huskies have not been great at forcing turnovers in conference play so far. Arizona State is more likely to give it up than either of UW's last two opponents, and the Dawgs may need them to. This game could be a shootout, with the winner being the team that gets one fortuitous turnover.

4. Can we see some angry Dawgs? It would be fantastic to see the Huskies, off of two emotional losses, come out pissed off and put it to the Sun Devils. It's not really something this team has done under Sark, but now is the perfect time to do so. There will be no bigger opportunity for a bounceback game this season, and if the Huskies impress in this game it should set the tone for a the second half of the season.

5. Can we get Jaydon Mickens back in the gameplan? Mickens has 34 catches on the year, but half of them were in the first two games. Against Oregon Sark attempted to go to him downfield more, and the results were disastrous: 4 catches for 50 yards is not bad, but he was also the target on Keith Price's interception and had a drop that almost led to another pick when it ricocheted right to a Duck defender. Throw him the ball behind the line of scrimmage, and let his shiftiness do damage. It's one of the best weapons this team has, but has too frequently fallen by the wayside.