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Husky Drive Efficiency vs Oregon

The Husky first half was awful, and they turned it around in the second half. However, the Ducks' second half made the Husky offense look like it would be at home in the Big Ten.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The offense in the first half, when looked at this way, makes it look much worse than it seemed upon viewing it initially. The Huskies' 3 first half turnovers and 3 first half punts are a surefire way to play themselves out of a game, yet they were surprisingly still alive against arguably the best team in the country.

The startling thing about Oregon was their second half efficiency. On their four meaningful drives, they gained 290 out of 307 possible yards (94%) for just over 10.7 yards per play. That's basically perfect.

Something changed after the Huskies stopped the Ducks on 3 of their first four possession (and close to all 4), and the Husky defense couldn't keep up any longer. Whether it was an adjustment they made, a weakness they found, or simply that the beginning was a fluke, the Huskies players and the coaches need to do a better job of coming up with counter punches when a team seems to have found their rhythm.

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