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Dot...Dot...Dawg (10/14)

I've got an Oregon hangover. Dots will do the trick.

Bishop is flat out running Ducks over.
Bishop is flat out running Ducks over.
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports
If at first you don't succeed, eff-it.  Dots and whiskey coming right up

It was a long weekend for Husky fans who endured a pretty good high that culminated in a raucous ESPN College Gameday experience and then a pretty big low that came about as the Huskies got thumped by an Oregon team that let them hang around for a while and then lowered the boom in the fourth quarter.  Surprisingly, there aren't a ton of interesting articles out there, so these Dots will be brief.


  • First, the highlight of the game, from my perspective, caught in beautiful HD.

  • Here is Gregg Bell's accounting of our Saturday afternoon excursion in Husky Stadium.  His focus is on the big day that Bishop Sankey had and how it wasn't really enough.

  • Adam Jude also did a nice post-game write-up which included some player quotes.  It is always difficult to detect tone from printed quotes (especially when those quotes get "cleaned up" by the journalist), but I'm both relieved and dismayed by the reactions from guys like Danny Shelton and Austin Seferian-Jenkins.  On one hand, I'm relieved to see them all so willing to jump back on the horse.  On the other, I can't help but to wonder if there was a certain slight expectation that they were going to lose before it even started.  I wouldn't be surprised and it would not be a character judgment to say that nine straight years is a huge burden to carry, even if you didn't play in all of those losses.

  • For those of you who have been watching the Ducks this season, you will all agree that this was Marcus Mariota's best showing of the year and, perhaps, of his career.  Faced with a UW defense that was bottling up the zone-read fairly well (relatively speaking), Mariota went to the air and absolutely annihilated the Dawgs by exploiting just about every mistake that the UW secondary made in running their zone coverage.  In doing so, he became the Pac 12 Player of the Week.

  • One of the stranger storylines of the game was the mysterious "serious" injury that befell Josh Huff in the first half.  Huff was actually taken the UW Medical Center in the stadium (as opposed to his locker room), treated, and miraculously healed enough to return to the game and gash UW with a 65 yard TD reception.  To the UW administrators who thought it was a good idea to include the medical facility in the stadium, I say, "We want our money back".  To Oregon fans, I say, "You are welcome". Here is Ryan Divish's accounting of the situation.

  • I can't let these Dots go by without acknowledging all of the Husky fans who braved the elements and the wee morning hours to represent for ESPN College Gameday.  I watched the whole thing go down on DirecTV and you were AWESOME.  It was loud, raucous and respectful.  The signage was fantastic and I'm still chuckling about how "Old Crimson" needed the police escort.  Here is UW Athletics' recap of the event.

  • ESPN keeps a blog that focuses on their media operations and that includes photos.  Here is their entry documenting the UW Gameday.

  • Need more GameDay breakdown? Deadspin has your "sign roundup" (h/t to NeDieterich for the link) . Can't miss - here is a taste.


  • The Huskies didn't lose too much ground in Athlon's updated Power Rankings.

  • ...and Bishop Sankey didn't lose much ground in the race for the nation's rushing title.  In fact, he's back in the #1 positions, per Gregg Bell.

  • Kevin Gemmell decided to go and update his "Top 10 Pac 12 Players" list now that we are about halfway through the season.  The Dawgs did pretty well.

  • I somehow missed this last week, but Paul Finebaum reported last week that Steve Sarkisian is USC's top target to replace Lane Kiffin.  I have no idea what Finebaum's sources are, but he is a fairly well-connected man and, frankly, I was already convinced that Sark was at the top of Haden's wish list so, whatever.

  • There was a little chatter coming out of Montlake this morning.  Not surprisingly, the Huskies are pretty upbeat about their overall state of health and by the prospect of possibly skiing "downhill" the rest of the season.  The only big concern right now is the health of OG Dexter Charles who "potentially" will miss the ASU game.  Some other tweets that caught my eye:

Question of the Day

What was your favorite part of the ESPN Gameday experience? If you were there, what did you see? Drop us a line in the comments section.

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