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Husky Game Awards: Oregon

Bishop Sankey is an all-timer, the defense was bipolar, Marcus Mariota was unstoppable, and the Pac-12 refs were less than stellar (shocking).

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Player of the Game: Bishop Sankey was, again, the Huskies' best player. In going for 167 yards on 28 carries with 2 TDs he made a case to be called the country's best running back. He was able to break big runs as well as eke out tough yards to give the Dawgs fresh downs when they needed them.

Goat of the Game: The pass defense. The Dawgs were not able to get pressure on the Ducks' passing attack, allowed Oregon receivers to get inexplicably wide open repeatedly, and when the coverage was good they got burned on scrambles. Some of this is that they were facing a transcendent player, but a big chunk was also that they were routinely out of position and not executing like they should have.

Who Stepped Up: The run defense. Excepting scrambles -- which are a pass defense issue -- the Dawg run defense did more than enough in that respect to give the Huskies a fighting chance.

The Game Tipped When: After the Huskies cut the Duck lead to seven points at 31-24, Marcus Mariota took over. On the next drive he accounted for every one of 71 yards and scored a touchdown on the ground. Even though Oregon was put in first and 15 and 2nd and 17 situations on their final two (non-garbage time) drives, it didn't make a difference as Mariota was simply too much to handle.

It Was Over When: Down two scores in the 4th Quarter, the Huskies put themselves in a 3rd and 26 situation that they didn't have a prayer of converting. Of course they didn't, and Oregon ended any remaining doubt on their ensuing drive.

Surprise of the Game: The Pac-12 refs were awful. Wait. No. That's the opposite of a surprise.

WTF Moment of the Game:

Not a penalty. Worth noting that the guy wearing the stripes with the R on his shirt was being paid at that moment. For doing nothing other that getting a bit of exercise. Must be a nice life, travelling around the western United States for free, seeing some of the country's best football teams, and getting to watch games from the field. And then they get to alternate between making up, changing or ignoring the rules as they see fit.