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Washington Huskies Football Recruiting Update

Here's a quick recruiting update to let everyone know how things stand with some of UW's current targets...

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

  • Natrell Curtis: The big news yesterday was that OG/NT Natrell Curtis from Arizona committed to the Huskies.  Take this one for what it's worth, because he still hasn't visited, and has strong ties to the state of Arizona (family, etc...).  If he does stick, the Huskies are getting a great prospect.  He's ranked as a 4 star, and the coaches like him at defensive tackle.  He's naturally very strong, and plays with a nasty streak.  Some schools have cooled on him as he gained a lot of bad weight over the summer and lost some explosiveness.  If he can stay in shape he's a great prospect if the Huskies can keep him.
  • Eric Lauterdale: This is an interesting one, as many would question why the Huskies are going after a JUCO receiver after recruiting the position so well the last few years.  The one time Tennessee commit is one of those players that you make room for even at a loaded position.  Plus, with WR commit Erik Brown taking visits, the coaches want to make sure they have their bases covered.  That being said, Kevin Smith (arguably Washington's best receiver this season) matriculates after the season, and next years receiver crop would include a lot of unproven, but talented players.  Other than Kasen Williams and Jaydon Mickens, no other experienced proven players will be on the roster.
  • Budda Baker: Okay, so here's the obligatory Budda Baker "update."  I put that quotations because for readers of this space this isn't really new, but Baker recently confirmed with Brandon Huffman that his top 3 are Oregon, Washington, and UCLA.  Prior, this was just speculation.  Most seem to agree that it's UW-Oregon, then UCLA in a more distant third.  This weekend's game could be huge for his recruitment.
  • Claudeson Pelon: This is a great looking JUCO DT prospect, which would really help the Huskies at a position of need.  He still hasn't visited, but will this weekend.   At 6-5, 275 pounds, he has the look of a defensive lineman the Huskies are after.  He's also interested in Nebraska, but once a prospect is on campus for a visit, they typically come away impressed.  With the new stadium/facilities, and an impressive performance, this could seal the deal for Pelon on his visit.
  • Don Hill: Again, readers here probably already know this, but sadly Don tore his achilles early this season.  He's still committed, and the coaches are honoring his scholarship.  He still wants to visit, but with the injury, that is up in the air for the moment.
  • Layth Friekh: This is probably the highest rated OT prospect the Huskies have a really great shot at.  He's visiting UW this weekend with his mother, and as it usually goes with recruiting, when you win over mom, you usually stand a great shot getting the commit.  He's a big Cozzetto fan so at this point he's Washington's to lose.
  • Joe Mixon: Now, the big one everyone wants.  The good news about Mixon is that he cancelled a visit to Florida to see Washington last weekend when they took on Arizona.  Sadly, it was during one of the worst storms in a Husky game in history, but he did get to see the starting running back tote the rock 40 times.  How's that for Sark showing how he treats his running backs?  He visited Oklahoma last weekend, and was hosted by a number of California players on the Sooners.  Bob Stoops has actually recruited California quite well, so Mixon hanging out with them probably helped firm up OU as his top school right now.  UW is still in it for him, but it will be a tough battle.  He wants to visit UW again unofficially within the next month. That'll make that his what, 4th time at UW?  Couldn't hurt...
  • Drew Clarkson: The Clarkson offensive tackle that UW was looking at as a center prospect, committed to Oregon State today.