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Dot...Dot...Dawg (I Heart Oregon, part II Edition)

The Ducks dominate the dots, but there is more than meets the eye in this edition.


In honor of the fact that the Ducks have won 9 straight (rather routinely) against our beloved Huskies, I'd like to take a moment to commemorate the Top Nine Reasons Duck Fans Secrectly Hope the Huskies Win on Saturday.

  1. This will finally be the proof they need to out Lee Corso as the football incarnate of Satan.

  2. The Ducks have a built in excuse with the a hobbled De'Anthony Thomas and the loss of Colt Lyerla. Why not take it?

  3. Favorite catch phrases like "Fuck Washington" and "I Hate Washington Week" simply don't have the meaning they once did. It is kind of like saying "fuck the dance squad". Sure, we all find them a little irritating, but it is not possible to get hyped around that rallying cry. A Husky win would change that.

  4. "Decade of Dominance," while it sounds snazzy, would simply remind Duck fans of the true gravity of the dominance that UW has previously held over them throughout history.

  5. Karma is a bitch and Duck fans are tired of having their homes flooded, their jobs exported and their wives leaving them in favor of the Beaver fan next door.

  6. The conclusion to Breaking Bad has already left a gaping hole in their lives. Might as well pile on.

  7. Kind of like Confession, there are a lot of Duck fans that know the payback that they have earned has gotten pretty steep - might as well wash that debt away now.

  8. Consider this a going-away present to Chip Kelly to express how much he is missed.

  9. It would make the next Tako Tuesday article a "can't miss" affair ... assuming Tako doesn't take his own life in the meantime.

The Dots

Other Dots

Question of the Day

Given the fact that my last QOD basically was never answered, I considered going with another tactic here. Then I recanted as I know the routine-oriented among you rely on my consistency. Since I know that we have a number of Duck fans visiting this week, I thought I'd be inclusive with the QOD. What is your all-time favorite moment in the Husky / Duck rivlary?

(and, please, be respectful in how you describe the joy of the moment no matter which side you are on)

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