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Husky Drive Efficiency vs Arizona

The offense took a bit of a step back from what we'd seen from the first three games of the year, but the defense didn't miss a beat.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In this game, we see a notable drop in both the number of long sustained drives and average yards per play. These two things are related, no doubt, and the gameplan for the game reasonably explains both. The emphasis on the run game meant fewer explosive plays, which lowered the average yards per play, which in turn meant more drives that stalled out before the Huskies got into scoring position.

This was easily the Huskies' most inefficient game on the year, but if you watched it and the other three you don't need these charts to tell you that. It is worth noting that in spite of the inefficiency, they still notched more yards than their season average from a year ago, and if this game had been played last year it feels like on they'd have not been able to put any point on the board and would have ended up losing.

The final Husky drives of each half were omitted due to them being garbage time.

The numbers here show this as being about as dominant a defensive game as your going to see. On Arizona's first 8 drives they put points on the board just once, and those points went to the other team. Even on their scoring drives Arizona struggled to move the ball, posting really modest per play numbers on those drives.

Arizona's final drive of the game was omitted. Garbage time.