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Recruiting - Who's Left On the Board?

With only one more weekend before Signing Day on Wednesday, February 6th we take a look at the remaining targets for UW coaches as they wrap things up on the best recruiting class yet under Sarkisian.

Bellevue H.S. RB/LB Myles Jack
Bellevue H.S. RB/LB Myles Jack
Colin Diltz / The Seattle Times

We're coming into the home stretch of football recruiting for 2013, as Signing Day is just around the corner - a week from Wednesday. While a few elite recruits may choose to take more time to figure out where to send their LOI, and lower end FBS schools and the FCS schools scramble to fill out classes with the kids that fall by the wayside, the vast majority of recruits will start sending in their faxes early morning Wednesday the 6th.

This past weekend the Huskies hosted just two guys - preferred walk-on recruit Ryan Turman and stud LB (and UCLA commit) Myles Jack. Turman has been active on Twitter for months now selling the Huskies to other recruits, and he's no doubt working his buddy Jack hard to flip to the Huskies.

In a very interesting twist, word started leaking this weekend that the Huskies are attempting to bring in a bunch of current commits and guys still on the fence to come up next weekend on unofficial visits, presumably as a bonding experience and a chance to have the committed guys work on the guys wavering or the guys that haven't chosen yet. Here's a sampling of who appears to be coming:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Can't wait to visit home Friday-Sunday <a href="">#woofwoof</a></p>&mdash; Dane Crane (@DaneCrane55) <a href="">January 29, 2013</a></blockquote>
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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Two <a href="">#Washington</a> commits LB Azeem Victor ( @<a href="">collegebound919</a> ) and DE Joe Mathis ( @<a href="">jayy_smooth5</a> ) told me they will be visiting nxt wkend.</p>&mdash; lars hanson (@LarsHanson) <a href="">January 27, 2013</a></blockquote>
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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>I think im a be in Seattle nxt weekend</p>&mdash; daeshon hall (@DaeshonHall) <a href="">January 27, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Even more interesting was this tweet:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Myles Jack and Ryan Turman ( @<a href="">ryan_4_turman</a> ) are visiting <a href="">#Washington</a> next weekend as well. Just confirmedto me. <a href="">#Huskies</a></p>&mdash; lars hanson (@LarsHanson) <a href="">January 27, 2013</a></blockquote>

However, it appears that may not be the case:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Can confirm that Myles Jack will be visiting <a href="">#FSU</a> this weekend. There still is a possibility he could visit <a href="">#UW</a> next week...</p>&mdash; Marshall Cherrington (@MCWayne22) <a href="">January 29, 2013</a></blockquote>
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There are more rumored to be coming, but those are the publicly known ones. In any event, keep an eye on this coming weekend, as Sark, Tosh, Sirmon, Nansen & the gang pull out all the stops to finish the class with a bang and keep the guys on the fence in the fold. Here's a rundown of the guys that the Huskies still appear to be in the hunt for:

  • Reuben Foster - The elite MLB prospect reportedly enjoyed his official visit to Washington a great deal, but since he got back home the talk has been all about Alabama, Georgia & Auburn. Chances are very high that there's enormous pressure on him to stay in the area, and with a little daughter that's understandable. If you're seriously optimistic, you could choose to believe that he's talking up the SEC schools as a diversion and he secretly intends to sign with the UW. I'm not that optimistic though. He's taking his last visit to San Diego State this weekend with Maurice Swain, which would appear mainly to be them getting a free trip to one of the nicest cities in the country.
  • Eddie Vanderdoes - The elite DT just visited Notre Dame this weekend. He's been pretty quiet of late, so it's hard to know with any great certainty which way he may be leaning. Most recruitniks think he'll end up at either USC or UCLA, but nobody appears to be out of the race yet and he still has an official visit scheduled to Alabama next weekend. I think the Dawgs are still in this one, but with all 5 teams still in contention, their chances probably aren't any better than 25%.
  • Myles Jack - The local stud had his official visit to the UW this weekend alongside his good buddy Ryan Turman, a preferred walk-on recruit. Jack is still saying publicly that he's committed to UCLA, but he also has a final visit scheduled to Florida State this weekend and will be hosting in-home visits for his final five this week. Keep an eye on whether he actually takes that trip to Florida State...if he actually cancels and visits the UW again with Turman, one would have to think that their chances of flipping him are quite high.
  • Tyrell Robinson/Tyree Robinson - The Robinson twins are long-time commits to Oregon, but when Chip Kelly left they decided to take a few more visits just to be sure. Washington has never stopped recruiting them, both for football and for hoops, and that persistence has paid off as they will be visiting officially this weekend.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Tyree and Tyrell Robinson won't visit <a href="">#Ohio</a> State, will go to <a href="">#Washington</a> this weekend.</p>&mdash; Adam Gorney (@adamgorney) <a href="">January 28, 2013</a></blockquote>
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  • Daeshon Hall - Hall decommitted from Texas this Summer and then was part of the "St. Tosh Day" recruiting haul later this Summer during the UW Rising Stars camp when 8 recruits publicly committed to the Huskies at The Ram restaurant in U-Village. Since then he's taken a number of visits, and is reportedly giving strong consideration to Texas A&M & TCU. If he makes it up this weekend for an unofficial, I expect that will firm up his commitment; if not, Husky fans will be sweating it out on Signing Day to see where he sends his LOI.
  • Kylie Fitts - The USC decommit is still looking around, having just returned from an official visit to Notre Dame. He's considering many of the same schools as Vanderdoes (USC, UCLA, UW, Notre Dame) and mentioned after this weekend that he and EV4 are considering choosing the same school. He says he'll be a Signing Day decision and will be choosing from five - the above four plus Utah which he will be visiting this coming weekend.
  • Nico Falah - The USC commit has been struggling to firm up his decision. Reportedly the situation is that his parents really want him at USC and he'd prefer to come up to the UW. There are rumors he'll be headed up to the UW this weekend with his parents on an unofficial, and if that happens you have to like the UW's chances.
  • Patrick Enewally - His recruitment has been an odd one to follow. At various points he's been thought to be a silent commit to both UCLA and the UW, and many expected him to make a public commitment to the Huskies late last month. The talk now is that the Bruin coaches have moved on, and that Husky coaches may be frustrated as well; that he visited Cal this past weekend certainly didn't help.
  • Keishawn Bierria - The LB/S prospect is a classic case of a kid who's seen his recruitment really take off late in the process. He's been a long-time lean to Oregon State, but interest has picked up in him and he's taken a visit to ASU and has plans to visit both Oregon and Washington this week, flying in to Portland on the 30th and then heading up to Seattle on the 1st. He'll probably be a Signing Day decision.
  • Maurice Swain/Joe Sanders - Like their buddy Foster, neither of these recruits is expected to leave SEC-country, with Tennessee considered the leader and North Carolina #2 for Sanders, and Kentucky & Tennessee considered the front-runners for Swain.

There may be other guys well under the radar that the coaches are looking at, similar to James Atoe and Taylor Hindy in past classes. Given the need for OL in this class, if the staff misses out on Nico Falah, don't be surprised if they make a last minute run at someone not previously discussed as a target. They could also potentially keep looking for JC transfer possibilities after Signing Day and into the Spring.