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Weekly Debate: Adjusted Basketball Expectations

How do you expect the Huskies to finish up their conference schedule?

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

With the Huskies coming out of the gates hot to start conference play, then laying a stinker against Utah, it's reasonable for there to be a wide range of expectations for this team to finish out the regular season. So what do you think, Dawgpound community?

Was the hot start a fluke?

Was the lighter early portion a main factor, and the more difficult teams upcoming are going to really expose this squad?

Was the loss to Utah the fluke?

Will the Utah game be the spark that lights the proverbial fire under the team's ass?

Was the nonconference slate indicative of this team's true ability?

Or have they, in typical fashion for a Romar team, grown as the season has gone on?

So, considering they sit with 4 wins now, and have 13 to play, how many W's does this team finish up with in PAC-12 play? What needs to be done (or not done) from her on out for them to achieve your prediction? If you're excessively optimistic or pessimistic, why? What gives you hope for this team? What are your concerns?