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Harry Husky and his 12-PAC: "If it Bleeds..."


1-0. One & Zero. Won and OHHHHHHH!!!!

A win is a win is a win. Yes, I would have preferred something more like this, but overall, the general excitement (salute) surrounding the Washington Husky Football program is still high and rising. Last Saturday, we saw QB Keith Price lead 2 early TD drives and demonstrate how he could be a Top 10 college quarterback. We saw more talent and athleticism in purple jerseys. And most importantly, we saw Coach Wilcox's young defense show some improved discipline and tenacity.

This week, our boys in purple venture to another university clad in purple and gold: Louisiana State University. The last time the Huskies played the LSU Tigers, it was Coach Steve Sarkisian's first game at Husky Stadium in 2009. That first game was a step in the right direction for the program because even though it was a 23-31 loss, it was a competitive loss following a 0-12 season. Come tomorrow, Husky fans shouldn't be hoping to competitively lose, they should hope to win.




I'll make this short:

The Washington Huskies need to take the Louisiana State Tigers out of their rhythm and gameplan.


  1. Line up with 3+ wide receivers and test the depth of the LSU secondary.
  2. Split out Austin Sefarian-Jenkins wide; force linebackers and safeties into sideline coverage.
  3. Risk getting beat deep on defense and provide extra run support at the line of scrimmage.
  1. Run draws or RB screens. Long developing plays at the line of scrimmage will only play in the favor of the Tigers.
  2. Do 5/7-step drops on passing plays. It seems like our tackles have trouble staying in front of quick pass rushers.
  3. Run more than they pass; the Huskies will be happy to average more than 3 yards a carry in this game.
In closing, here is a drawing of the LSU tiger that did not make this week's comic, but I thought I'd share anyway. I apologize for making him so badass. Meh.