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Random Lists: Things I Wasn't Expecting One Year Ago Today

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A year ago today, I was only a few months into my move from Las Vegas to Memphis and "enjoying" the start of a new Husky season. As the season was kicking off, I was in a certain state of mind regarding my life and my team. Fast forward just 12 short months and, my, how the worm has turned. Things that I thought I thought are now invalid and thoughts that I had never had are now to be had. Below is a random list of subjects that were not remotely on my radar screen a year ago proving, once again, my complete inability to predict anything more complicated than my wife's likely reaction to my having left the lid up.

Things I didn't think I'd be thinking ....

1. That Our Hopes and Dreams Would Be Pinned to a True Sophomore That Was Once a Paul Wulff Commit.

I shouldn't be surprised. For whatever reason, UW has had a horrible batting average with RB recruits and rotations since the James Sims/ Louis Rankin tandem gave us something to cheer about. Whether it be injuries, joy rides in nicked taxi cabs or just plain surly behavior, we just can't seem to catch a break. Even the Polk era was challenged by his own injuries. It is only now that we can clearly see how lucky we were to be able to have the War Daddy take all those carries. Now the burden falls to a great young man who once parlayed with the enemy. He has talent and work ethic. Can he be the next feature back? He'll have to be.

2. That I Would See Nate Fellner Converted to OLB and That I Would Care So Much About His Absence.

Most of last season, I saw Nate as a flawed gamer at the safety position. He could make plays, but also was prone to getting burned at in opportune times. At the time, I was indifferent as to whether he was in or subbed out. Little did I know that less than 12 months later my feelings on him would turn completely. Instead of being an afterthought in the backfield, Nate remodeled himself into a key cog in the line backing plan and his absence is, surprisingly, a factor for this team right now.

3. That I Would Sit Through An Entire Season of Mad Men, Much Less All Five.

We'll chalk that one up to a summertime "diversion" for my wife. Sometimes you got to take one for the home team and subject yourself to ruthless torture in the spirit of achieving marital unity. Can I get a "hell, yah." from the blogosphere?

4. That I Would Envision a Scenario Where Sark Guided UW to a 7 Win 2012 Campaign That I would Term "Progress"

I've considered this greatly. Whether it is because we weren't as competitive as I expected last year or because I've come to accept the remarkable youth still comprising our roster, I've unexpectedly become comfortable with the notion that we could well be a Seven win team and still show solid growth as a program. A lot depends on how competitive we are with the big boys, what players begin to break out as the season turns, and how strong we close. Still, I am now in the camp where my judgment of the season won't be defined solely by wins.

5. That I Would Have To Start Worrying About Ear Hair.

Seriously, it's one flippin' hair, but it keeps coming back. I'm thinking of having it lasered, but I'm waiting for Tyler Jorgenson to verify that I can rely on the clinical trial data. Getting old sucks.