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Game Preview: Washington at Louisiana State

This is how you stop the run. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
This is how you stop the run. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

"The best is yet to come, and wont that be fine

You think you've seen the sun, but you aint seen it shine."

- Author, Mitchell Scherr, and if you don't know the singer you must be a duck fan ...


WHERE: Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

WHEN: Saturday, September 8, 2012, at 4 p.m. pacific time

Catch it on ESPN, since "everybody" has ESPN

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The Huskies are 0-2 all-time against the Tigers. In 1983 the 9th ranked Huskies got embarrassed at the hands of an unranked Tigers squad, 40-14. Don James tried to get a running game going and failed miserably. They gained 28 yards, total. Don James was also appalled at the officiating, which seemed to call a penalty every time UW got a drive going.

In 2009, LSU came to Seattle, expecting much less from an 0-12 football team. They got more than they bargained for and won by a touchdown, 31-23. Mr. Miles was so upset that his team didn't rip the huskies to pieces it led him to think that perhaps the Huskies planned this game as a "set up game ... a great opportunity for them to sneak up on the Tigers." Sore winner.

Last Week

The Tigers whomped North Texas 41-14, racking up a meager 316 yards on the ground. North Texas did few things against LSU, but this did happen, as did this (1:40 mark). The highly touted Tiger D-Line got a total of ZERO sacks last week. Look to see them bayou bengals come at Keith Price hard and often.


You can get these stats here, here, and here ... but why do that when you can simultaneously see the numbers and read my brilliant analysis! (There is a reason I'm a lawyer and not a statistician ...) Since this is week 2 of the college football season, these stats mean mostly nothing at all. But who cares?

0 - The number of sacks the Tigers have this year; I wonder how long this number will last

2 - The number of LSU RBs that broke 100 yards last week, and it could have been more ... that's scary

6 - The number of DBs it takes to tackle Austin Seferian-Jenkins (6:27 mark), what more needs to be said?

6 - Tiger Stadium's rank in terms of Largest Cities in Louisiana on football Saturdays

6-6 - The average height of the LSU offensive line; requires a tall quarterback

9.5 - The number of sacks Josh Shirley has in his last 4 games; he had 3 last week ... be afraid Tigers, be very afraid

10 - The number of penalties LSU had last week; this puts them at 8th in the nation

18 - The number of consecutive wins LSU currently has at Tiger Stadium; the standing record for LSU is 19

18.75 - LSU's punt return average; YOWSERS!

322.8 - Average weight of an LSU offensive lineman

1614 - The combined weight of the LSU offensive line; one word: Heavy

Questions needing Answers

Defense: Will our D-Line get any pressure on the QB? How well can we stop the run? Will our secondary come through with much needed turnover? Will Josh Shirley be able to continue to lay the lumber?

Offense: Can our O-line compete long enough to allow KP to air the ball out? Will KP be safe? What will the run game look like? Will it even look like a run game? How will Sark use ASJ?

Miscellaneous: Did Les Miles really make a deal with the devil? Will Mike VI eat somebody? Where can I get me some good gumbo? Why did somebody name the city "Red Stick?" Why does Barkevious sound so cool when I say it?

An upset is not out of the scope of reality, they happen every year, just ask the Little Giants. The best is yet to come, Dawg Fans, and the Tigers better be ready!