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SDSU @ UW Early Third Quarter Runs

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Thanks to kirkd for his excellent breakdown of the first half. My breakdown will be a little bit different. I won't go over every single play, I will be mostly going over run plays, but in a little bit more depth than kirkd did. I have screenshots too! Thanks to this crude device I bought I have low (supposedly 720x540) quality film on my laptop, so exactly which players are making the blocks will be a little bit difficult to tell, so unless it is obvious who is making the block I will try and shy away from naming the players.

Now the running game suffered in the second half, no doubt about that. We know that the offensive line suffered once Riva went out with a broken forearm. What I mostly wanted to take a look at was to see what caused the broken runs. Were the holes not open anymore? Was there penetration that made Sankey have to change course too early? Did Sankey just miss the holes? Time to find out!

Jump off this cliff with me!

Well, maybe it wasn't a cliff, but it was close enough.

1st-10, WASH40 14:52 B. Sankey rushed to the left for 3 yard gain

Washington is in '22' personnel (2 RB 2 TE) with ASJ on the right and I'm assuming Hartvigson on the left. Kasen Williams slot left. Amosa and Sankey in an offset-I to the left. ASJ Motions left, ball is snapped. LG (Tanigawa) pulls out left, giving Bishop Sankey two lead blockers off of a pitch in Amosa and Tanigawa. Amosa gives the safety a cut block that works just barely well enough, and Tanigawa does the same with a linebacker. Williams holds his block well, but SDSU has too many players flowing to the ball for the run to do much good. Sankey got what he could and there was no escaping a short gain.

Bishop pitch left

The widget that allows pictures to be put in is not working, so I am putting links in to the screenshots. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2nd-7, WASH43 14:45 B. Sankey rushed to the left for 3 yard loss

'12' Personnel (1 RB 2 TE). TE paired on the right. 2nd TE on the right is about 1 1/2 yards off of the line of scrimmage. Ball is snapped. Tanigawa pulls again but Will linebacker snuffs it out and Tanigawa is either too slow or has no chance to get to him before he is able to reach Sankey in the backfield. Sankey fights through the arm tackle however but in the process runs into his RT (Not sure if Riva or Criste) who was absolutely blown back into the backfield. Sankey then goes down for a loss.

Bishop hand left

1st-10, SDSU49 13:37 K. Price sacked by C. Galea

Personnel doesn't matter as everyone is released into routes without chipping defensive linemen. PA left to Sankey. Both tackles are beaten off the edge but Kieth Price steps up to buy an extra second, which doesn't matter as Tanigawa is beaten which collapses the pocket and Price goes down.

1st-10, SDSU1 11:41 W. Kazee rushed to the right for 2 yard gain

Base 4-3 defense, or a "big nickel" (3 safeties instead of 3 cornerbacks) if you want to call Shaq a safety on this play. Sean Parker diagnoses the play perfectly. He shoots to the line, fills a gap (great gap integrity by the linebackers, filling all the holes) then bounces outside. Shaq Thompson strings the play along to the outside misses making the tackle for a loss, but still has a large effect on the play. Parker finishes the play with Feeney close by.

Kazee runs right

2nd-8, SDSU22 11:29 W. Kazee rushed up the middle for 14 yard gain

Appears to be a nickel defense, Trufant comes from the nickel slot on a corner blitz but takes a poor angle and is behind the handoff. Danny Shelton was single-blocked away from his gap, which is where Kazee found room to run. Kazee then breaks a tackle from a squared-up Timu (of course) that would have stopped the play for a moderate gain. Trufant chases Kazee down. Talia Chrichton almost stopped the play for no gain but couldn't get squared up enough, just barely off of the LT's block.

Timu hits and misses

Well from the little bit I have been able to go over so far, with an extremely limited sample size, the offensive line could stand to improve (who knew?) and tackling still seems to be an issue.

I will be looking to put more analysis of similar ilk up later in the week, so look out, you don't want it to hit you in the head, it may hurt a little bit.