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A few words about this year's writing team

Every year I take the time to tell a brief history of the blog, why I originally started it, and where we plan to go over the coming year.

The blog was started for two simple reasons. The first was simply as an exercise to keep what was left of my writing skills in shape. If you don't use it, you lose it, or at least you don't improve it. I needed serious help in both areas and picking a topic I have a passion and opinion for seemed like a good idea.

The second reason was that the Husky Nation was divided in two back then by the hiring of Ty Willingham. The various message boards were pretty hostile and I decided to create a place where win or lose we could simply discuss Husky football in a calm, intelligent, and rational manner.

Over the years due to the talents of various posters and regular contributors we have grown this community into a special place where we aren't hostile to ourselves or visiting fans. Unlike some blogs we welcome honest debate and appreciate the contributions from fans around the country and the Pac 12.

Over the past two seasons we have been actively recruiting folks to join the editorial staff of the blog with the goal of blending long time reader/contributors with young people who are interested in pursuing a career in journalism. Getting experience by participating in a SBN blog can be a good place to showcase your work and gain experience.

I think we have a pretty good team this year and I want to give each one of them a quick introduction and shout out.

The Cassino - I think this is Anthony's third year of moderating and contributing to the blog. He started off as our main basketball writer and has been helping us ever since. This season he has been contributing a lot of interesting football content and is actually been mentioned a few times on ESPN.

Gekko - The Gecko has done a great job of contributing such journalistic masterpieces as "The Dots" and simply helping us organize our writing schedules. There always seems to be something new to read at the Pound and the Gecko is a big part of that.

Ben Knibbe - Ben handles Husky Basketball for us. He is a sophomore in college who is majoring in journalism. He filled in a big gap for us last season while doing a fantastic job.

Lear Jet - The debates have become a great feature but what has truly captured the imagination of the Husky Nation are his Sunday Husky Stadium construction updates. Lear has also been linked to by Ted Miller of ESPN. He also runs our weekly pick contest...which I totally sucked at last week.

Justin - We are the only SBN blog that has a staff cartoonist. Harry the Husky is one of the cooler things about this blog. This is Justin's second year and he contacted us after we put out the call for somebody who has some art skills.

Ryan - Ryan popped in one day and announced to the world that he was going to write two scheduled fan post per week. We loved what we saw and now he is handling our opponent previews and whatever pops into his head this season.

Nathan - This is his second year of providing creative writing segments on the blog. It isn't just completely about football for Nathan. It goes much deeper, darker, and perhaps even more sinister than that.

CoDawg - Tige has been an outstanding contributing for a couple of years via fan post and as an official writer. He is doing a bit called the "Sunday Bests" on Wednesday's which highlights the weekly performance of former Huskies now playing in the NFL.

Randall - He is a Law student in Colorado who loves to write. This season he will be doing the game previews which will be released on Friday afternoons.

Redmond Longhorn - What type of name is that for a Husky fan? He is one of our newest writers and he is a indeed a Husky fan who has a thing for Texas on the side.

Kirk - He has been with us for a long time. He has contributed some great analytical articles to the Pound over the years. This week he is reviewing in depth the first half of the SDSU game.

Sundodger - Like Kirk he is a long time contributor via post and fan post. He joins our editorial board officially for the first time this year.