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Reviewing the Game - 1st half Observations vs. SDSU

Ryan Katz got a healthy dose of Josh Shirley in his earhole last Saturday
Ryan Katz got a healthy dose of Josh Shirley in his earhole last Saturday

Watching Husky games in person is a great thrill and well worth the money and effort. However, even with good seats, frequent instant replay and a lifetime of watching football, you inevitably miss things when watching live. Thankfully we live in the era of DVR's and the ability to replay the game later and scrub through the plays to your heart's content...or at least for as long as your wife and little kids let you.

In my case, that was long enough on Monday to watch the 1st half while taking notes of what happened, watching & re-watching plays to drill down on why the play worked or why it failed. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to do the same for the 2nd half, but hopefully the notes below are of some value in assessing the UW's performance in the 1st half.

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SDSU, 1st-10, WASH28 13:30 – Katz, sacked for -12 yds – Shirley blew past RT (who chipped on Shelton instead of kicking out to Shirley); Shirley would have had a sack (or at least heavy pressure) regardless of bad snap

SDSU, 2nd-22, WASH40 12:57– Watson interception – SDSU WR runs into Shaq, couldn’t get to the pass; Watson was in great position for it; poor decision by Katz

UW, 1st-10, SDSU35 12:08 – Price incompletion – bad decision by Price to force it to ASJ, nearly picked off; Kasen would have been better option in seam between CB and S

UW, 2nd-2, SDSU14 11:27 –Sankey run for -1 yds – Tanigawa shoved way into the backfield; R side sealed off well, but Sankey couldn’t get there because of interior DL push

UW, 3rd-3, SDSU15 11:12 – complete to Mickens for 4 yds – Kasen had a step in the secondary for a TD if Price had looked his way

UW, 2nd-1, SDSU2 10:04 – Sankey 2 yd TD – nice trap blocking, Riva sealing the edge, Hudson a nice block in the backfield

SDSU, 1st-10, SDSU26 9:23 – Katz run for 1 yd – Shirley bit on play-fake, got too far upfield & allowed Katz to get around him; Feeney did a good job of rolling with Katz and keeping contain

SDSU, 2nd-9, SDSU27 9:16 – Muema run for 1 yd – great job by Parker shooting in from the edge to disrupt the play; couldn’t wrap up, but good flow to the ball to hold it to almost no gain

SDSU, 3rd-8, SDSU28 8:35 – Katz sacked by Trufant – great call by Wilcox bringing Tru & Timu; SDSU couldn’t pick up everyone and pocket totally collapsed

UW, 1st-10, WASH38 7:13 – complete to Callier for -1 yds – 3 TE set, Price wanted Hartvigson, but too much pressure for Price to wait for him to come free; Hatchie probably should have picked up DE instead of doubling up on DT

UW, 3rd-6, WASH42 6:28 – complete to Kasen for 11 yds – nice quick read by Price finding Kasen in a seam; good concentration by Kasen to secure ball after bobbling it

UW, 1st-10, SDSU47 5:51 – complete to Kasen for 12 yds – great blitz pickup by OL, lots of options for Price

UW, 1st-10, SDSU35 5:22 – complete to Hartvigson for 5 yds – great blitz call by SDSU, Price shows good wheels to get away from pressure and find Hartvigson crossing with him

UW, 3rd-2, SDSU27 4:24 – complete to Amosa for 10 yds – great call on the FB screen to take advantage of SDSU blitz (too much heat on Price to throw longer to ASJ)

UW, 1st-10, SDSU17 3:51 – complete to Callier for 9 yds – good decision by Price; Callier might have scored if he hadn’t tripped himself

UW, 2nd-1, SDSU8 3:27 – 8 yd TD to Kasen – great call of WR screen against SDSU blitzing 3; terrific athletic move by Kasen to spin out of contact at catch and get upfield into endzone

SDSU, 1st-10, SDSU25 2:35 – Katz sacked by Shirley – Shirley had great spin move, was being held or he probably would have sacked him for a much bigger loss; good pursuit to stay with Katz and still get him

SDSU, 2nd-11, SDSU24 2:27 – Kazee run for 18 yds – Shirley & Shelton manhandled, Feeney hits wrong gap

SDSU, 1st-15, SDSU37 1:11 – Kazee run for 8 yds – nice call by SDSU with the draw, DL gets sucked upfield

SDSU, 2nd-7, SDSU45 1:03 – Kazee run for 8 yds – good job by SDSU doubling Hudson, getting good push on Shaq on edge and Feeney & Timu to open big lane; Timu got juked a bit; nice backside recovery by Crichton to pursue, but couldn’t bring him down quickly enough to prevent 1st down yardage

SDSU, 1st-10, WASH47 15:00 – 47 yd TD to Vizzi – Sark clearly calling TO well before snap

SDSU, 2-pt attempt 15:00 – Katz sacked by Shirley – good coverage initially and too much speed by Shirley off edge; Katz didn’t have enough time to let play develop

UW, 1st-10, WASH30 14:51 – complete to ASJ for 4 yds – Price focused on left side, may have missed much bigger gains on the right side with Hartvigson & Kasen

UW, 2nd-6, WASH34 14:43 – Bishop run for 7 yds – nice pulling play by Atoe, edge block by ASJ to allow Hatchie to lead hole, Tanigawa seals his man, Hudson as FB out of backfield sealing off OLB

UW, 1st-10, WASH41 14:07 – Bishop run for 8 yds – Tanigawa slides over, allows Schaefer to move to 2nd level; Riva & Hartvigson seal DE, allowing Atoe to join Schaefer in leading Bishop into 2nd level

UW, 2nd-2, WASH49 13:34 – E. Wilson run for 5 yds – nice block by Atoe, DE misreads play and hesitates just enough to allow Wilson to slip inside him and get enough for 1st down

UW, 2nd-7, SDSU43 12:25 – Bishop run for 20 yds – nice job by Atoe & Riva sealing off DT & DE; LI safety gets sucked away from play following Price, LO safety gets dragged away from play covering Mickens, Hatchie slides inside allowing Tanigawa & Schaefer to get to 2nd level with ASJ coming from right side to seal backside; Sankey shows enough speed to get past DE who slips Riva; bad pursuit angle by outside safety/good speed by Sankey allows Sankey to gain extra 10 yards or so

UW, 1st-10, SDSU23 11:42 – incomplete go route to Kasen – Price saw single-coverage (though safety did drop back after snap), didn’t put it in a spot Kasen could get to it; Price might have been expecting an out by Kasen; tight coverage by McFadden

UW, 3rd-9, SDSU22 11:07 – Price sacked by Largent – Tanigawa doubled down on DE instead of picking up blitzing LB; nice job by SDSU on the zone blitz, disguising rush – only 4 ended up coming with 2 faking the rush and dropping back into coverage; downfield routes and no quick options for Price to get rid of it

UW, 4th-25, SDSU38 9:32 – Durkee 38 yd punt, touchback – Gobern should have had time to catch the punt and down it at the 1 instead of letting it bounce into endzone

SDSU, 1st-10, SDSU1 9:32 – Katz scramble for 1 yd – nice delayed blitz by Timu, but allowed himself to get juked; still, Timu got just enough to Katz to force short gain

SDSU, 2nd-9, SDSU21 9:23 – complete to Escobar for 4 yds – single coverage on R side with Parker blitzing; good job by Shaq to stay close and wrap up quickly

SDSU, 3rd-5, SDSU25 8:45 – Katz scramble for 18 yds – pressure by Timu on delayed blitz forces Katz to scramble, athletic move by Katz to evade rolling right into Shirley; great elusiveness by Katz, but Hudson overpursued when Katz was flushed and lost contain

SDSU, 2nd-10, SDSU44 7:32 – complete to Lockett for 9 yds – nice blocking by Butler, Parker can’t shed block quick enough to make play

SDSU, 3rd-1, WASH47 7:25 – Muema run for 8 yds – good run blocking by SDSU, pulling RG and sealing off Tokolahi & Hudson and FB blowing up Feeney

SDSU, 2nd-6, WASH35 6:34 – complete to Young for -2 yds – Shirley has free path to Katz off edge (OL slants L) forcing quick dump off to FB; Feeney gets his revenge as he closes quickly and annihilates FB

SDSU, 3rd-8, WASH37 5:55 – Katz incomplete – defense plays this perfectly; RT wants to chip DT, but Potoa’e out wide has clear path to Katz and forces quick throw that’s a little off-target; even if it were accurate, Shaq reads it and fights through 2 block attempts and would have blown up RB trying to catch it; interesting note – Shirley was lined up upright in between Tokolahi & Hudson to rush B gap

UW, 1st-10, WASH8 5:03 – Bishop run for 8 yds – nice trap play, Tanigawa & Schaefer slant R and double DT, Kohler pulls to seal backside, Tanigawa is able to slide out to 2nd level to lead nice hole for Sankey

UW, 2nd-2, WASH16 4:54 – Bishop run for -3 yds – Kohler & Schaefer get overpowered and Hatchie is shoved back leaving little room for Sankey

UW, 3rd-5, WASH13 4:17 – complete to Smith for 13 yds – Price panicked a bit early, got lucky that 2 SDSU defenders let Smith get behind them; a more accurate pass where Smith doesn’t fall down making the catch might have led to 10 more yards, maybe even a TD if he hits Smith in stride

UW, 1st-10, WASH26 3:36 – Price incomplete – pretty good protection by OL, off-target throw by Price that could’ve been picked

UW, 2nd-10, WASH26 3:13 – complete to Taylor for 8 yds – a play we may see more of with Callier out, Price targets Taylor all the way after he goes in motion out of a shotgun backfield set up left of Price – gets the ball out to Taylor in space and with speed built up; decent block by ASJ downfield to open up more room to run

UW, 3rd-4, WASH32 3:05 – complete to Mickens for 12 yds – SDSU brings 6 and Price makes them pay with an accurate throw on a quick slant to Mickens – he made the right decision out of 3 open slants and an accurate throw and made the Aztecs pay for their aggressiveness

UW, 1st-10, WASH44 2:24 – E. Wilson run for 18 yds – Just a well-designed and executed play as Kohler, Tanigawa and Hatchie all pull right while Smith (I think) from the L slot and ASJ (who had come in motion outside Hatchie’s shoulder) seal the edge and Criste heads for the 2nd level knowing the play is going away from his DE; Sankey gets a nice block out ahead, Wilson shows good speed to get to the edge and turn upfield; Tanigawa helps seal off backside pursuit after pulling while Hatchie gets upfield

UW, 1st-10, SDSU39 2:04 – Kasen offensive pass interference – Borderline call – there was a bit of a shove, but the kind that frequently goes uncalled; Price was flushed when Kohler got beat pretty badly, but athletic play by Price to roll out of trouble, and the throw was on the money with a really nice adjustment and catch by Kasen

UW, 1st-25, WASH46 1:55 – complete to ASJ for 20 yds – Price had all day as SDSU rushed 3 and dropped 8 well back into coverage; ASJ had lots of room underneath on a crossing route and showed his speed and power after the catch stiff-arming the first tackler and running past the 2nd one before getting shoved out of bounds, turning a short crossing play into a big gain

UW, 2nd-5, SDSU34 1:43 – holding call on big run by Price – Correct call but unfortunate as the illegal block was well away from the play and had no effect on it; not sure if this was a designed play or not, but Price took advantage of another big blitz by SDSU and used a brilliant pump fake to freeze the OLB covering Mickens out of the backfield and free up a path around the edge and into wide open field; beautiful juke move at the end by Price – nice to see him healthy back there

UW, 2nd-21, 50 1:24 – Price scramble for 13 yds – Another athletic play by Price as he saw daylight in front and took off; might have had Taylor open ahead of him but hard to blame him for keeping it with the result; good downfield blocks by Sankey & Hartvigson

UW, 3rd-8, SDSU37 1:16 – incomplete to Kasen – Adequate pass-pro by OL, but the pass was a touch short; Kasen would’ve been popped right away had the pass been more on-target

SDSU, 2nd-6, SDSU25 0:41 – completion (negated by penalty) – good pressure from Crichton who pops Katz hard right as he releases it; ball is high but a good catch by the WR against conservative coverage with just 20 seconds left and 75 yards to go