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Husky Stadium Update - Week 46

Husky Stadium Construction Update - Week 46

Hello, Dawg fans! What a week, I still can't believe we chopped down the Trees! That wasn't a dream, right?? Now it's time to add the icing on the cake, your weekly Husky Stadium Construction Update! It's hard to believe that the construction crews have been working for 46 weeks already! I can't believe we are six weeks away from the one year mark!

This last month has been something special. On September 1st, they were a little over half way through putting up the steel for the base of the upper deck. Now, a month later, the upper deck is in place, has its metal floor and all but one section of the roof is in place. The west lower bowl had 3 concrete risers to begin the month; now there are 11 out of the approximately 33+ concrete risers in place. They have even started pouring the concrete risers for the north lower bowl.

Here are the usual set of pictures, with the usual arrows and add-ons. Don't forget to check out the web cams for yourself at, and the usual reminder to click on the pictures to see the full resolution image showing all the details.

Web Cam #1


As mentioned above, only one steel section of the roof is left to be finished. The downward pointing arrow shows where they left one small section incomplete, probably for the blue cranes to get materials further back on the roof. The other red arrow is pointing to the "backsplash" part of the roof that they started to put in place this week. Not exactly an easy job. After the roof is complete, I expect one blue crane to disappear rather quickly, then the work on the lower bowl should commence.

Web Cam #2


There is just something sexy about the side view of the new upper deck! The upper red arrow is pointing out the "backsplash" portion of the roof that is now being installed. The lower arrow is pointing at a large steel beam; I'm assuming it's the piece for the middle part of the roof that has been left open. They are continuing the work on the outer skin of the Football Facilities Building. I'm looking forward to seeing the skin of the south stands go into place next.

Web Cam #3


There are now 11 out of the 33+ (maybe as many as 40) concrete risers in place. They seem to be picking up the pace on how quickly they are getting the risers done. The red arrow is pointing at the area where they are building another small room off of the small tunnel, looks to be the same as the one off of the main tunnel. I'm guessing those rooms will be for storing football supplies for practices and such. The orange arrows are pointing at the restrooms that are being built in the main concourse; the red line is an area that will remain open so you can view the field while walking through the main concourse.

Web Cam Angle #1


A great view of the south stands. The big arrow is pointing at the section of the roof that is being left open for now, the smaller arrow is pointing at what appears to be the stadium lights on top of the roof. On the north roof the lights seem to be on the front edge of the roof, but these new lights on the south upper rough appear to be elevated above the roof. The red lines outline the press box that will span almost the entire upper deck and the middle section that will come out further from the stands.

Web Cam Angle 1-B


The concrete floors of the east stands were poured this week. The green areas are the restrooms, the upper green box will be the women's restroom, the bottom will be the men's. The blue boxes in the middle are for concession stands and the yellow area will be additional storage.

Web Cam Angle 1-C


Just a quick picture showing the crews rebuilding the second retention pond. Yep, bad news folks, winter is coming.

Web Cam #2


One of my favorite views as the stadium continues to take shape. The upper red arrow is pointing to the new stadium lights mentioned above. The two downward red arrows are pointing to the new light stands on the event decks and the lower red arrow is pointing at the new concrete risers on the north lower bowl. The star is in the middle of the rebuilt retention pond as they prepare for the soon coming rain.

Web Cam Angle #3


Another view of the north lower bowl; I can't wait to see it take shape as they pour the concrete risers over the next few weeks! That's it for this week Dawg fans, hopefully we can discuss next week's update over some roast Duck!!