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Where are the Husky football fans?

20,000 Husky fans have been reported missing!

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Lets open the discussion with a little pep talk.

Only 52,962 seats have been sold for Thursday nights game.

Three solid reasons for that:

  1. A lot of the older fans aren't really interested in driving home late at night.
  2. Fans aren't hip on the lack of tailgate opportunities in the SODO area.
  3. Nobody wants to stay up late to watch another 69-21 clown stomping.

The third reason is probably the biggest. I have been observing Husky football and the attached fan base for approximately fifty years and I have never really seen them as low as they are right now. I don't see a lot of hope and excitement as we enter this important three game stretch of the season.

The mind numbing loss to LSU seems to have killed a lot of Husky Spirit and not even a total butt-kicking of Portland State has been able to rekindle the excitement that most felt before the season began.

Washington needs to knock off somebody good before that candle is lit again. The Huskies need to show themselves and their fans something special on Thursday night. The injuries have taken a toll but this still is a talented squad that should be able to hang with Stanford at home.

Washington can win this game and if they do you are going to wish you had been at the Link.