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Mid Week Debate

What is your prediction for Washington's game with Stanford on Thursday night?

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Results from last week: What is your biggest concern going into the Stanford game? The overwhelming answer was the offenses ability to run the ball, with 43% of the vote. The next in line was another embarrassing blowout on national television, with 23% of the vote. The bad news came this morning that Colin Tanigawa is out for the remainder of the season, which doesn't bode well for either of our top two concerns.

This week's debate: What is your prediction for the Stanford @ UW game this Thursday? We've talked about it for much longer than normal, a bad side effect of the bye week. But, now it's time to put your money where your mouth is and make a prediction. The Dawg Pound is full of the "cup half full" types and we have plenty of the "cup half empty" types too, the question is which set of people are correct about their outlook for this week?

One of my favorite aspects of the blog, it puts people on record for what they say and think. We all thought Gekko was a little too anti-Stanford, right up until Stanford barely beat the mighty San Jose State Spartans. Then, when we all started to think Gekko might know what he's talking about, BOOM . . . Stanford beats USC. The good news is the world hasn't ended as Steen seems to think it will, but I also don't think it's as rosy as CODawg thinks it is. Needless to say, Thursday nights game has been given one common theme by just about everyone: It will be a defining game and it will tell us A LOT more about the 2012 Washington Huskies.

My Prediction: To quote Clubber Lang from Rocky III, I predict PAIN . . . . lots of pain. The Dawgs running game doesn't stand a chance against a physical defense like Stanford. Which means they can focus their attention on blitzing Keith Price and slowing down the passing game. I also have little faith in the Huskies ability to stop Stanford's running game.

Unfortunately, I vividly remember the last time Stanford visited Husky Stadium, it was the first time (and only time) in my life that I've left a game before the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. I left at halftime. It was cold, windy, pouring down rain and the on field performance was beyond embarrassing. I remember my dad commenting that we looked like a high school team playing a college team. Last year's game wasn't much better from what I can remember, but I try to block out those memories as much as possible. My advice to Sark: It's time to offer a few boats to Stanford's Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. Shoot, by the guy a yacht, an airplane and anything else he wants!!

Let's hear it Dawg fans, what is your prediction for Thursday nights game against Stanford?