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Dot...Dot...Dawg (9/23)

Say hello to the new Hec Ed video board.
Say hello to the new Hec Ed video board.

I know you know the feeling. You get that tingle of anticipation like everything is coming together. There is a warmth in the air countered by a refreshing breeze that trips your senses and connects you to the space around you. You are dialed in and everything that is about to happen has already played out in your mind. Then, WHAM, the dots hit the fan and you get your face shoved into a pile of wombat dung. That wasn't supposed to happen, mate.

While the Dawgs had yesterday off, it was a wild one in the Pac 12. Curiously, the Huskies are the only team in the conference to not yet have played a conference game. My thoughts on the day that was after the jump.

  • With a huge win over Arizona, Oregon is now #2 in the nation. I watched almost all of this snoozer and came away totally impressed with the Ducks. A couple of observations. First, that Duck D is so damn fast, it is hard to keep up. They close gaps to the ball like nobody's business . . . BUT, they can be moved against. Arizona had a ton of dropped passes and misfires by Matt Scott - the primary reason for the shutout. Second, Mariota is the real deal. He has a weird hitch in his throwing motion that keeps him from getting the ball out super fast, but he has composure and smarts. He's better that Darron Thomas. Finally, I just have to say, De'Anthony Thomas is a one-trick pony. Of course, there is nobody in the nation more effective in space than DAT. But, despite a total effort to establish it, the Ducks couldn't get DAT going between the tackles against a pretty weak UA frontline. This is a great team, but not a perfect one.
  • The Cougs? Well, uhhhh, no comment other than to say I'm pretty sure that Connor Halliday - a total wild-ass gunslinger - has beaten out Tuel.
  • USC / Cal? Did they play? Oh yeah, they must have been on the Pac 12 Network. The good news is that nobody saw Matt Barkley put another nail in the coffin of his Heisman campaign.
  • ASU whipped Utah and, frankly, they look like the real surprise team of the P12 this season. They have taught the Sun Devils the definition to the word "discipline" and, guess what, it works.
  • Oregon State brought UCLA back down to earth in a game that many are going to laud as the return of the Beavers (as evidenced by the Beavs breaking in to the Top 25). I watched it and I don't know. While the D-Line - which was predicted to be sneaky good - looks great for the Beavs, I couldn't help but to notice the same types of issues as last season - some poor decisions by Mannion (not all of them got capitalized on), an inability to establish the run and some breakdowns in the defensive secondary. I'm taking a wait and see on the Beavs.