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Puppy Chow

Former UW running back Johri Fogerson is in a little hot water. Seems he allegedly punched a high school kid in the face while working out in the O'Dea weight room this past summer and broke his jaw. Third degree assault charges have been filed and he will have a hearing at the end of the month.

Johri picked up 123 yards on the ground last week for Central Washington but would probably be seeing significant action in what would have been his fifth year at Washington if he could have stuck it out. Too bad that didn't work out because he is a pretty good utility depth to have in your depth.

Chris Fetters over at Dawgman is quite the seer. He commented last week that the Pac 12 and possibly the NCAA would adopt an injury reporting sooner than later. This week Larry Scott said that he is doing exactly that and would be suggesting something similar to what the NFL does to AD's later this month.

We had a lot of discussion last week about Steve Sarkisian and Lane Kiffin's decisions to put restrictions on injury reports. Kiffin even tried to suspend a reporter from practice for a couple of weeks. Looks like both coaches are trying to counter Chip Kelly of Oregon who is notoriously tight lipped about injuries.

Chuck Nelson had an interesting comment on the radio the other day. He said that reporters don't like anything that makes their jobs harder (I don't like anything that makes my job harder either) ...74% of Husky fans polled said they were in favor of Sark's decision to not release injury information.

CB Travell Dixon is officially enrolled at Washington and was suited up for practice today. He will sit out while practicing this fall and will compete for a starting job next spring. Mason Kelly has a story on him you can read if you are an ESPN Insider.

Dixon is a difference maker in almost the same mold as Shaq Thompson. He brings some serious size and lumber to the defensive backfield. Most scouts think that he can be a high draft choice once he graduates. You can't have too many of those types of guys on your roster.

Dixon will have to go through five days of NCAA mandated acclimatization before he can practice full tilt with the rest of the team. Expect quite a few stories to hit the papers on him after practice today. His arrival is probably going to be the biggest announcement of the bye week unless Sark does an injury related press release.

I was listening to Soft today on KJR and heard his weekly talk with Petros Papadakis. The former Trojan fullback was just ripping on his alma mater's performance against Stanford. He didn't give Barkley any mercy what so ever. If you get chance check out the website and grab the is hilarious because he questions whether Barkley is a winner or not.