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Gangline Recap: Week 3

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UW's opponent's overall record: 22 - 11

UW's opponent's record this week: 7 - 4

There was one guaranteed loss this week as conference play opened up this week with USC at Staford. Besides, I'm not going to count Colorado as an automatic loss every week ... although after their stellar performance against Fresno State, I might be forced to change my mind.

San Diego State (2-1) vs. North Dakota (2-1)

By all accounts, this game should have been a blowout ... it wasn't. Rather, it reached NCAA 2013 proportions. One thing is for sure ... nobody's defense played. In a shocking turn of events, SDSU punted, twice. They also kicked, but missed, a 40 yard field goal. That leaves the SDSU kicker at 0-1 on the year. North Dakota barely beat Portland State the week before, but this week they decided to come and play. The Aztec D gave up 434 yards through the air, which included 4 passing touchdowns. I guess you could say they stopped the run, since the Mighty Sioux only gained 55 yards on the ground, but really, North Dakota had no reason to run the ball. Final Score: Aztecs win 49-41.

Idaho (0-3) at LSU (3-0)

Granted the preparation for this game was much different for the Tigers than their preparation for their game against UW, the Idaho vandals looked markedly better in the first half than the Huskies did. However, Idaho wore down even worse than the Dawgs did in the second half ... LSU had some quick scores and some long methodic drives that ate time off the clock. Really, this game was just a glorified scrimmage, getting the TIgers ready for conference play. Final Score: Tigers win, 63-14.

USC (2-1) at Stanford (3-0)

Nobody really thought Stanford was going to pull off a win this week. But, even more shocking was the fact that the Cardinal held the Trojans to 14 points, and 280 total yards. So much for a national title run ... which is really just too bad since who knows what kind of sanctions the NCAA is going to hit USC with after the latest group of violations was reported ... smirk ... Stanford held the Trojans to 26 yards rushing, on 28 attempts. That's a stellar .9 yards per carry. Matt Barkley threw 2 interceptions, and really failed to get into any sort of rhythm ... Fresno State is looking like a better team each week. Maybe the drop-off isn't so much after Andrew Luck left ... only time will tell. As for the Cardinal, Stepfan Taylor grabbed 153 yards on the ground, and also had 5 catches for 60 yards. Final Score: Stanford wins 21-14.

Tennessee Tech (2-1) at Oregon (3-0)

In what was the third of three patsy teams Oregon scheduled for its non-conference slate this year. the Ducks put up video game-esque scoring totals. Marcus Mariotta threw for 308 yards, 4 touchdowns and 1 interception. The Ducks put up 652 total yards on offense, 328 in the air and 324 on the ground. I'm beginning to think that the Ducks schedule these games so that it makes their opponents look like FCS teams when the Zeros put up the same numbers against Pac-12 foes. Final Score: Oregon wins 63-14.

South Carolina State (1-2) at Arizona (3-0)

Arizona came out punching, and they proceeded to knock out South Carolina State, holding them to 0 points, and total yards (89 in the air and 65 on the ground. The longest play for South Carolina State was a 19 yard rush ... but that was followed up with an interception. Arizona dominated in all phases of the game, but they scored more points against Oklahoma State the week before. Final Score: Arizona wins 56-0.

Cal (1-2) at Ohio State (3-0)

Cal gave the Buckeyes more than they bargained for. As hard as Zack Maynard tried to lose this game, Brandon Bigelow just wouldn't let it happen. He touched the ball 4 times on offense, and he rushed for 160 yards. De'Anthony Thomas, EAT YOUR HEART OUT! In all reality, Cal should have won this game. They missed three field goals, and then had a touchdown called back on a penalty. Think about this, if the Bears could actually recruit a quarterback, this game would have been a win, in my opinion. Cal blew coverage on a play late in the 4th quarter, on a third and 7, allowing OSU to go 72 yards down the field for the game-winning touchdown. But no! There were still 3 minutes, 24 seconds left on the clock! Cal was driving down the field, but then Mr. Maynard threw an interception on a 1st and 10 that sealed it ... Final Score: OSU wins 35-28.

BYU (2-1) at Utah (2-1)

Personally, I had written Utah off for the season ... oops. Oh well, Utah dominated this game, even though the score didn't show it. I guess this was a rivalry game or something. Utah was up 24-7 to open up the fourth quarter, but they couldn't but BYU away. Huh, the Utes must have really missed John White this game. Everybody thought he was playing until game time, when it turned out he was actually injured. Well, it didn't turn out too bad for BYU, as they had prepared for Mr. White, and completely stuffed Utah's run-game, holding them to a measly 49 yards on 35 attempts! Is that a lot of attempts, or is it just me? The game came down interesting to say the least. With 5 seconds left, BYU QB Riley Nelson completed a 47 yard pass to WR Cody Hoffman. Then, on a 51 yard field goal attempt, Star Lutolelei pushed through and blocked the kick. The Utah crowd rushed the field with 1 second left, and a penalty insued, getting BYU 15 yards closer to the uprights. BYU tried another field goal as time expired, and shanked it. Final Score: Utah wins 24-21.

Colorado (0-3) at Fresno State (2-1)

I'm not going to lie ... when I pulled my phone out to check the scores, I had to check the Colorado score 4 or 5 times, because I couldn't believe they were down 42-0 with 12:00 to go in the second quarter. What a bad year for the Buffs. I can't wait to go to that game this year. The funniest stat of the game was this: Colorado was outgained by Fresno State 516-123 at the end of the FIRST HALF! This is one of the worst teams a BCS school has ever put on the field. I can't imagine Embree will be around next year after this debacle of a season, but who else would CU hire? Final Score: Fresno State wins 69-14.

WAZZU (2-1) at UNLV (0-3)

I'm not going to lie, this game pissed me off. The spread was 8.5! Why couldn't the Cougs cover the spread against these Rebels? Good grief, this game should not have been close! Wazzu's 2 turnovers really blew the game for them. I suppose it's good they won, but this game wasn't even a moral victory. I would love to see UNLV play Colorado on a neutral site, just to see what would happen. Final Score: Wazzu wins 35-27.