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Huskies Pay Vikings to Masquerade as Date to Football Game, Subsequently Pants Vikings - Instant Reactions


Pure domination. That is exactly what that game was. At least we know that Washington has significantly better talent than Portland State. That is to be expected. Hopefully the doom-and-gloomers will be quiet for the next two weeks until the Stanford game. Regardless, it is good to feel like LSU for a game. (Obviously there are differences, as LSU and Alabama are on their own plane.)

While the score was indicative of the talent differential and the domination by the Huskies, there were two players that stood above the rest in pure physical domination: Kasen Williams and Austin Seferian-Jenkins. I wonder what the Seferian-Jenkins family is thinking when the camera is focused on the athletic marvel and the broadcast just gushes about him. Are they so used to it that they tune it out? If that is the case then they must have tuned out about half of the game because the focus of the entire broadcast seemed to be, "Austin Seferian-Jenkins is awesome, talk about him more."

Broadcaster: This Seferian-Jenkins kid will be playing on Sundays.

Producer: /nods

Broadcaster: He also plays for the University of Washington basketball team.

Broadcaster: Jenkins is sort of in the Tony Gonzalez mold, and Gonzalez decided football was his sport. We all know how we-

Producer: No! More Jenkins! Now!

Broadcaster: Seferian-Jenkins is the star of this Huskies tight end corps, but the Huskies are three deep at the tight end position.

Producer: Not what I meant.

Cameraman: Pans to Seferian-Jenkins standing on sideline.

Broadcaster: Seferian Jenkins is great. Just great. /slaps forehead.

The physical domination was not where I was looking for it however, the running game worked because of Sankey's speed, and the defenders being slower to react,not the offensive line pushing the opposing defense back onto their heels. There was some "thump" shown by Dezden Petty, but regardless I was almost disapointed by the non-physical domination by the offensive line, although it was still clear they were a notch above the defensive front of Portland State.

Where is Josh Shirley? There was no pass rush today, even facing a far inferior opponent in Portland State.

Danny Shelton went down with a leg injury, I believe he came back but if anybody could confirm or find evidence to the contrary that would be appreciated.

The defensive front looked solid overall, not allowing the rush game that involved a bulldozer of a quarterback to get major traction. The secondary looked solid aside from Marcus Peters falling for a double move. (When playing a far inferior opponent, I feel this mistake is more common, as the chances of getting an interception seems to be change the mindset of the defender.)

Keith Price is a good quarterback.

Go Huskies!

What are your instant reactions?