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Gangline Recap: Week 2


For those of you who are wondering, the gangline is what attaches the sled dogs to the sled. The dogs are usually paired up and they pull the sled through the snow. To pull the sled well, each dog is responsible for pulling its weight, and running until the musher yells woah! Transfer this over to football and we get the Huskies and all their opponents. If the Huskies are going to amount to much, not only do they need to pull their own weight, by winning as many games as possible, their opponents are going to need to win their games. Thus, the Husky gangline was created, and it will track the various teams the Dawgs play throughout the season, checking to see if they are pulling their collective weight.

SDSU (1-1) vs. Army (0-1):

San Diego State welcomed the Army Academy into it's doors, and proceeded to clown stomp them, 42-7. Get this ... the Atzecs were up 21-0 at half time. Then, midway through the third quarter, they scored three touchdowns in the space of three minutes. Notice that the Aztec's point total is divisible by seven, meaning Rocky Long didn't try any two-point conversions the whole game. The Aztecs had ZERO 4th downs, and didn't have a need to go for it on fourth down. Ryan Katz bounced back admirably, against an admittedly inferior Army squad, and posted a respectable 14/21, 215 yards passing, with 1 TD and no interceptions. SDSU also rushed for 228 yards on 42 carries.

Portland State (1-1) vs. North Dakota (2-0):

The Vikings traveled to Grand Forks, N.D., hoping to extend their winning streak to two games. (I guess technically it's start their winning streak ... but who's paying attention?) They failed, but not for lack of effort. North Dakota, a fellow Big Sky Opponent, pulled off a victory in a high scoring affair, 45-37. Portland State had more first downs, passing yards and rushing yards, but they lost the turnover battle 2-1, and also trailed in time of possession. PSU's QB threw for 301 yards and three TDs, two of which were caught by 6-2, 200lb. WR Justin Monohan.

Stanford (2-0) vs. Duke (1-1):

The Furd hosted Duke and was hoping they could rebound from a less then mediocre performance against San Jose State the week before. The result was a 50-13 shellacking in which the Blue Devils went home with their collective pitchforks stuck in their backsides. Josh Nunes had a solid game behind his hefty offensive line, going 16/30 for 275 yards (he could work on his accuracy though), 3 TDs and 1 interception. The real story here was that the Cardinal only had 92 yards rushing. The run game was supposed to be more than dominant this game, and instead, Duke poked Coach Shaw in the eye.

Oregon (2-0) vs. Fresno State (1-1):

For the second week in a row, Oregon scored so many points in the first half of the game, the Duck back-ups were able to get into the action and allow their opponent to get a reasonable score by the end of regulation. This game, the Ducks were up 35-6 at the half. Fresno State was able to rally for 10 points in the third quarter and 9 in the fourth,but the game was never in question. Late in the 4th quarter, all the Quackers had to was hand the ball off to Kenjon, who rushed for 66 yards that drive and a TD. Marcus Mariota came back to earth this week, going 19/27 for 166 yards. The Duck racked up 366 rushing yards ... that's a lot.

USC (2-0) vs. Syracuse (0-2):

This game started off less then quickly, as the score was a whopping 0-0 at the end of the first quarter. The Trojans came out flat, and really seemed a bit overwhelmed by the Syracuse defense. However, at some point Matt Barkley remembered that he was the favorite to win the Heisman trophy, and he pulled a gem out of somewhere ... He tossed 6 touchdowns the last three quarters of the game, going 23-30 for 187 yards and only threw one pick. Some guy named Robert Woods gained a total of 200 all-purpose yards, and only half of those were receiving yards.

Arizona (2-0) vs. Oklahoma State (1-1)

Nobody really thought Arizona had any business being in this game, except for Arizona. They took fate into their own hands on Saturday, however, and gave the cowboys two black eyes to go with their deflated ego that was much too big after they dropped a hydrogen bomb on Savannah State the week before. The game amassed a total of 1137 yards, 62 first downs, and 97 points. On the bright side, Arizona's defense was able to capitalize on 4 Cowboy turnovers, and the Cowboys disintegrated with 15 penalties for 167 yards ... OUCH!

Oregon State (1-0) vs. Wisconsin (1-1)

The biggest number from this game was Wisconsin's total rushing yards: 35. This was a complete and total domination by the Beaver's front 7. Wisconsin had no answer for this other than to fire its offensive line coach postmortem. Wisconsin's offensive line looked big, slow, and like they could go for a couple twinkies after the first quarter. Oregon State out gained the Badgers on the ground more than 2:1, which only put them at 78 yards. This game wasn't about offense. It was about making a statement. Oregon State is better then everyone else in the world thought, and that is a scary thought.

California (1-1) vs. Southern Utah (0-2)

Who thought Cal was going to pull off another completely underwhelming game? I thought this was a potential trap game, since SUU has one of the best NFL QB prospects in FCS. The kid is good. I thought Cal's defensive line was going to manhandle the smaller SUU line. I was wrong. The score was 17-20, with the Bears up by 3, at the end of the third quarter. Not good for the Golden Bears. Then the 4th quarter happened. Cal had a pick-6 and a punt returned for a touchdown. The worst part about this game was the fact that Cal doesn't have somebody better than Zack Maynard at QB. Cal won, 50-31.

Utah (1-1) vs. Utah State (2-0)

Utah entered Romney Stadium expecting to rub its little brother's face in the mud. That didn't happen. Instead, the Utes ran away with their pants down and their boxers wrapped up over their heads - ATOMIC WEDGIE! Jordan Wynn get knocked out of the game with another shoulder injury, and the Utes lost in overtime ... 27-20. This was really just a forgettable evening, unless of course you're an Aggies fan. Then you'll probably end up bugging your cousin for the rest of his life about that one time Utah State POUNDED the Utes into submission.

Colorado (0-2) vs. Sacramento State (1-1)

The mighty hornets swarmed into Folsom field and stung poor Ralphie to a swollen, infected pulp. That poor buffalo never stood a chance, even though she is bigger, stronger, better insulated and has her own watering hole. This game was an outhouse of a game. The Buffalos came out flat, slow, and really didn't seem to want to play football. John Embree needs to wake up his team quickly. Two weeks in a row now his offensive line has been dominated by a smaller, weaker defensive line. The Hornets won 30-28.

Washington State (1-1) vs. Eastern Washington (0-2)

Even though Wazzu came out flat again this week, they did it against an FCS team. In other words, this game ended up being close. Down 24-20, and 1:29 left in the game, Eastern Washington had a chance to drive down the field for a game-winning touchdown. Like they should have been, Eastern was denied, and the game was over. Jeff Tuel looked better, but let me re-iterate, this was against FCS Eastern Washington. Wazzu was out gained 355-469 in total yards, and 247-379 in passing yards. Wazzu needs to move on, and take it to the Rebels.