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Huskies Aid in Extinction of Aztecs: Instant Reactions

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Maybe it wasn't the easiest win. It was a vanilla victory. The Huskies have work to do both offensively and defensively if they ever want to defeat the likes of Louisiana State, Oregon or USC. That being said, football is back!

So a few of my thoughts to tide you all over until the football guys get all footbally on us.

Keith Price is a playmaker. He is extremely accurate on any throw under fifteen yards. His deep accuracy is not on par with where it was last season, but he is still the second-best quarterback in the PAC-12 even without great accuracy on the deep ball. He does a great job of extending plays while keeping his eyes downfield, or tucking and running when the opportunity arose.

Bishop Sankey is no War Daddy but he is a good back in his own right. He has above-average shiftiness, good vision and is able to hit the hole well. He is not particularly powerful or a strong tackle-breaker but still tends to fall forward. I did see him run into the back of his guards somewhat often, but I relate that more to the linemen being pushed back into the running back's face than a lack of vision. Hopefully Jesse Callier is okay.

Kasen Williams is a beast. Steve Sarkisian moved him all over the field, getting him the ball in space time after time. The bubble screen is going to be a huge weapon this season with Kasen getting the ball. He has been called the best recruit in Washington football history for good reason.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins is a big man with athletic ability. He is good. Nothing new here. I would have liked to see more Michael Hartvigson but more on that later.

Later is now! Sark seemed to be calling a vanilla game, just trying to keep some secrets for the LSU game next week. That was a remark made by a friend I watched the game with today, and it seems reasonable. That may be why Jonathon Amosa was not used too often and Hartvigson being a non-factor.

The guards seemed to be consistently pushed back into the pocket and into running lanes. Losing Tanigawa Riva to "essentially" a fractured forearm early in the game didn't help any. Can our linemen stay healthy?

Defensively, Desmond Trufant was all over the field. He is looking to have an amazing Senior campaign. He covered, blitzed, came up in run support and cleaned up big plays.

Justin Glenn was all over the field as well, and had one deflection that caught my attention, as well as the attention of the entire broadcast crew.

Tackling is still an issue, but early-season tackling woes are to be expected.

All-in-all, Huskies beat the Aztecs and football is back y'all!

Use this post to discuss your thoughts about the game.

Go Dawgs!