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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Deontae Cooper edition)

The tragedy happens again and again. The silhouette of the dream echoes in the waking hour and then fades before the dots come. It haunts you because you know if it could have just been caught, if even for a moment, it would have been truly great. Mercy trails angst as you are left with the cognizance that it was there and the satisfaction that somewhere within you there is virtue.

Just one dot today. For Coop.

  • For the third time in his career, and the second time in non-contact drills, So RB Deontae Cooper has torn an ACL. This injury all but certainly ends his career and ensures that he will never take the field as a Husky in a live game. It is among the most tragic scenarios in Husky football history. We all wish Coop God's speed and the brightest of futures.