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Husky Stadium Update

Hello, Dawg Fans! Time flies when you're having fun and I'm having fun watching this stadium get built! Every week I am amazed at the coordination it must take to keep everyone on the same page. There are always multiple crews working on multiple areas, all without getting in each others way. It must be a Husky grad conducting this beautiful symphony of workers. Speaking of which, I had a great experience this week, while in Anchorage on a short stop over, I was going through the McDonald's drive thru to get breakfast. I was overjoyed to see the guy working the drive thru wearing a big green Oregon sweatshirt. I knew things were right in the world when an Oregon fan was serving a UW fan!

Below is the usual set of pictures and analysis, be sure to check out and for all the latest construction news and pictures. A few of the cams are offline, I'm guessing due to the workers that appear to be painting the north upper deck. Also, it looks like web cam #2 is offline between 2 pm and 8 pm daily, I'm guessing Sark doesn't want to give away any secrets from the upcoming practices.

Picture #1 - Here is the current view from Web Cam Angle #2. I've added a few arrows to help point out a few few areas that they are working on, the same arrows will be in picture #2 for reference. Arrow A shows the lower wall that will become the front of the lower bowl. Arrow B is pointing at the top of the tunnel which still has steel exposed, meaning they still have to extend the tunnel towards the field a few more feet. The right side of the tunnel will connect to that lower wall, which should give you a good idea of what the final product will look like.


Picture #2 - Here is what picture #1 should look like when the stadium is complete. Same arrows as mentioned above.


Picture #3 - Here is a current view of the south stands. They have completed about 1/3 of the steel skeleton for Club Husky and the Luxury Suites. Not to mention the upper portions of the ramps that will serve the west end of the south stands.


Picture #4 - Another picture of the same view to help reference what the final product will look like. Arrow A points to the 200 level (middle deck) and Arrow B points to the "lower upper deck".


Picture #5 - The current view of the south stands. The skeleton of the lower levels is complete and they have completed about 1/3 of the skeleton for Club Husky and the luxury suites. They are continually putting together the supports that will become the upper deck (lower right side of the picture); they've completed 7 of the 11 supports that will be needed.


Picture #6 - The view of the south stands from web cam #2. Arrow A is pointing at the staircase that will serve the west end of the south stands, that sure looks like a LOT of steps, I think I'll be taking the ramps!! Arrow B is pointing at the entrance to the parking garage, this week they poured more of the concrete floor for the garage. Arrow C is pointing at the floor of the main concourse. They have poured the concrete floor from the north side of the football facilities building all the way around to arrow C, next will be continuing east through the south stands.


Picture #7 - The current view of the FFB and west stands. They have completely sealed the west stands that cover the football facilities with a sealant and what appears like tar paper (similar to a house). The ground that has been graded for the north lower deck should get a very similar process before they start pouring the concrete rows that will form the lower bowl. If you look closely, you can see that they have poured half of the concrete floor for the coaches offices and should be ready to pour the other half by mid week. This also gives a great view of the supports for the upper deck that they have been assembling.


Picture #8 - The view of the north lower bowl. This week they poured the foundation for the lower concrete wall and have already begun to assemble the rebar for that wall. If you look at the upper deck, you'll see that they have begun the repainting different areas of the upper deck (the only part of the stadium that didn't get demolished). On the lower right side of the picture, you can see where they are building the staircase that will be used to get from the main concourse down to the east stands and The Zone.


That's all folks. Don't forget to click on the pictures to see the full resolution images, we'll see you back here next week at the same Dawg time and the same Dawg channel. GO DAWGS!!!