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Alert one! Alert one! Incoming Emergency Action Message.

If you haven't been watching the Husky Stadium Web Cams today, you better head over there and have a look! They are currently in the process of lifting the first upper deck steel support section into place. Yesterday, a second large blue crane was delivered to the job site and was then quickly assembled. This morning, around 11 am, they started moving the first steel support section and getting it ready to lift into place. As long as work doesn't call me in the next hour or two, I'll keep updating this post as more pictures are available.

Thursday Morning Update: They aren't wasting anytime, by 8:30 the second steel truss was already set and being secured in place.

Web Cam #1: Thursday Morning


Web Cam #2: Thursday Morning


Web Cam Angle #2 @ 2:37 pm:


Web Cam #1 @ 2:32 pm:


The view from Web Cam Angle #1 @ 2:28 pm:


The view from Oxblue Web Cam Angle #2 @ 2:02 pm:


Here is the view from the Oxblue Web Cam #1 @ 1:52 pm, again, just starting to lift it into place.


Here is the view from the Oxblue Web Cam #2 @ 1:43 pm, as they start lifting the support.


If this doesn't get you excited for Husky Football in 2013, nothing will. I do find it funny that the "Raise The Woof" event is going on this Friday! Now if only they could actually be "raising the roof" on the new Husky Stadium on the same day as the Raise the Woof event!!