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A Mid Summer Evening Husky Stadium Update

Hello, Dawg fans! I apologize to any of you who were looking for your usual Sunday morning Husky Stadium update, but I'm going to blame it on Mrs. Pilot. My "Lear-ette" was in a wedding yesterday, making for quite the busy weekend. The good news is I finally got some quality time with my laptop (translation: the kids are watching a Disney movie).

The construction teams are still making great progress, I've also noticed that they have really cut back on the amount of work getting done on Saturdays. I take that as a great sign, if they were behind schedule, they'd be working longer hours and more weekends. After the jump is the usual collection of pictures, with accompanying descriptions. I've also add two new categories to this weeks update.

First, we'll start off with another Lear Pilot original time lapse production of the construction progress. This time I've taken the pictures from the Oxblue Web Cam Angle #2, unfortunately the camera has some minor wiggle room to it, so it might not be quite as smooth as my previous time lapse videos. It starts in early May, just as the steel structure starts going up under the north upper deck.

Picture #1 - The progress on Club Husky and the Luxury suites is continuing, I count 7 out of the 10 sections are complete. I expect them to complete the other three section this week, the week after is when I expect the peak of the fun to begin: the upper deck! If my math is correct, they have built 10 out of the 11 supports for the upper deck (the lower red arrow). Anybody want to guess what the upper red arrow is point to? A hint: my daughter calls it the Space Noodle.


Picture #2 - The currrent view of the Club Husky and Luxury suite sections they have been working on. In the middle of the picture, just above the red shipping container, they have put together a temporary staircase, which I find funny seen as how there is a full staircase just to the right of it that is part of the stadium. For whatever reason, they must not want to use the new staircase yet. The red arrows show how far they have poured the concrete floor of the main concourse and the southwest event deck.


Picture #3 - New category #1, my what is this picture? I'm guessing some sort of generator. Hopefully some of the more knowledgeable Dawg Pounders will have an idea!


Picture #4 - The FFB is looking good, the lower bowl is all sealed up. I'm not sure what is next, but they need to finish the roof, put up the exterior skin and pour the concrete rows on the lower bowl. The red arrow points to the area they cleared out this week. It looks like they will begin working on finishing the tunnel. The lower tunnel wall (in this picture) will be extended out to meet the front wall of the north lower bowl (see below).


Picture #5 - New Category #2 - Guys I'm jealous of! Wouldn't you just love to be able to eat your lunch down the hall from Coach Sark's new office? Sunny weather, overlooking the new stadium, with the lake and mountains off in the distance, a Husky dream come true!!


Picture #6 - The view of the Club Husky and Luxury suite sections being built. If I am right, just over a week until the new upper deck starts getting assembled!!


Picture #7 - They are half done with the front wall of the north lower deck. It will eventually meet up with the wall that will form the north side of the tunnel. The lower arrow is pointing at the staircase to get from the main concourse down to the east stands and The Zone. The upper arrow is point at the area where they are repainting the upper deck. Looks like a dark gray or gun metal gray color to me.


That's it for this week Dawg fans, be sure to keep an eye on the action at and get all the info possible at GO DAWGS!!!