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Dot...Dot...Dawg (7/8)

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The sizzle of the substance that once served as functional flesh in the loins of the beast produced a somewhat pungent bouquet of craving. It inspired memories of moments that I struggled to identify but knew were pleasant. The beverage selection was uninspired, but not distracting. The dots were spectacular.

For your Sunday morning pleasure ...

  • First, a little tweet with an update on Nigel Williams-Goss. As a side note, he was interviewed for about 10 minutes on Bill King's Sirius XM radio program a few weeks back. I tried to find a podcast of it but failed. What I can tell you is that the composure, politeness and articulation of this young man will blow you away. His focus on Harvard was legit and he has a true "ivy league" skill set. He is going to be rock in the UW community.