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Husky Stadium - The South Side Edition

Hello, Dawg Fans! Are you enjoying the progress on the web cams? There are many days that I am amazed at how much progress they can make in just a few hours time, not to mention how many different areas have things going on at the same time. This week's stadium update is going to focus on the south stands. As expected, the construction crews finished the steel structure of the first three floors of the south stands (the visiting lockers/sports medicine, parking garage, and the main concourse). By the end of the week they began building the Club Husky and Luxury suite levels.

Below is the usual collection of pictures and schematics, be sure to check out and to keep up on the construction progress yourself. Don't forget to click on the pictures for the full resolution images.

Picture #1 - The current view of the south stands from web cam #2. On Thursday they began building the Club Husky and Luxury suite levels. Arrow A points to the "lower upper deck". The North upper deck has tunnels accessing the lower half of the seats and the upper half of the seats. On the south side, the "lower upper deck" will be completely separate from the upper portion of the upper deck, but both will be accessed from the upper concourse. Arrow B points to an area of the luxury suite level that will be open to below (see the schematic of the luxury suite level for more details). Arrow C points to the location of the upper concourse, which will be the top side of the current steel that is in place.


Picture #2 - Cross section of the south stands. This is 18 months old and some minor parts are out of date. The red arrow points to the lower section that was not originally going to be excavated, I took the liberty of making some changes to show the lower level that will be the visiting team locker room and the sports medicine facility. The purple brackets show the portion of the steel structure that is already complete. The green bracket shows the portion they are working on now and the yellow bracket is the section I expect them to work on next. The red box (south lower deck) is the area that they will complete last.


Picture #3 - Another picture of the cross section from the Husky Stadium Virtual Venue. Hopefully this will help give you an idea of what they are working on and what the final product will look like.


Picture #4 - Here is the design schematic of Club Husky. The dark blue area on the left is the event deck. The light blue areas are concession stands. The light green areas are the restrooms.


Picture #5 - This is the design schematic of the luxury suite level. If I understand it correctly, the white boxes in the middle of the concourse will be open to Club Husky below. Meaning, if you are in Club Husky, it will be open above you, giving you a view up to the luxury suite level and vice versa.


Picture #6 - The current view from web cam #1. They first three levels now reach completely to the east end of the stadium. On the right side you can see the area where they have begun building the club and suite levels. You can also see the supports they are assembling for the upper deck. I count 5 completed supports, out of approximately 10 supports that will be needed.


Picture #7 - The most obvious change is the big black area on the north side of the lower deck. They are sealing it (looks a bit like tar paper for a house) and preparing it for the concrete rows that will be built on top of the current concrete slope. They have also been pouring concrete for the main concourse which runs through the middle of the football facilities building, but that can be rather tough to see from these pictures.


That's it for this week Dawg fans, check back next week at the same Dawg time and the same Dawg channel, GO DAWGS!!!