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The Gekko is traveling this week and I am filling in the dots during his brief absence. No truth to the rumor that he was auditioning in San Francisco last week for a sideline reporters job with the Pac 12 Network.

...The Dots

The Pac 12 Network has been Husky securing broadcasting talent this summer...Ted Robinson, Kevin Calabro and Dave Flemming have been hired as the primary play-by-play voices of football telecasts. Ashley Adamson will be the studio host in San Francisco. Washington State grad Brooke Olzendam and Yogi Roth, a former USC coach, will be sideline reporters.

Bob Condotta of the Times was on the same plane as Snoop Dog...He also comments that Kevin Calabro will be doing the play by play for Washington's opener on the Pac 12 Network. No word on whether Bob picked up an autograph from the Snoopmeister.

Ichiro was traded to the Yankees...I know it doesn't have anything at all to do with the Huskies but getting Ichiro to move on is a big deal if you are a baseball fan. There was no way the M's were ever going to start contending unless they cleared some salary.

The Husky Haul takes a closer look at recruit Aaron Gordon who is looking closely at Washington...Aaron has been described as the nastiest player in high school basketball which is good news for a program that could use some young attitude up front.

The Orlando Sentinel Ranks UW at #24...That is pretty much where I would rank the Dawgs going into the season. The question marks going in are the offensive line, who is going to replace Chris Polk, and replacing the experience that departed at wide receiver.