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Weekend Debate - The Greatest Husky Player Of All Time

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Last Week's Results: Who is Washington's biggest rival? The fans have spoken, and left no doubt, Oregon has most definitely become Washington's biggest rival. I expected a much closer battle, but Oregon pulled in a mammoth 73% of the votes, crushing WSU, who only managed 20% of the votes. Husky fans showed their great passion by turning out in large numbers for last week polls, as of the typing of this article, there were 624 votes (a record for our new weekend article). Clearly Husky fans are quite passionate about who we love to hate!

This Weekend's Debate: Who is the Greatest Husky player of all time? One of my favorite sayings is: "Legends are made on the shores of Lake Washington". As Husky fans, we've been treated to some incredible football, courtesy of some even more incredible players legends. But where do you start a list of the greatest players? Being a relatively young Husky fan (34 years old), most of my knowledge is limited to the last 25 years of Husky football. Beyond that, I have to go off of stats, records, and the legends that been passed on from more experienced Husky fans.

Below is the list of players I think could be considered the greatest of all time. I am sure I have missed at least a few players. If you think a player is worthy of the title, put it in the comment section and I'll do my best to add that player to the poll (as work permits). Let's hear it Dawg fans, who is the Greatest Husky of all time?

Greg Lewis, RB, 1987-1990: Lewis rushed for 1407 yards his senior season, winning the inaugural Doak Walker Award, given to the nations top running back. He was also award the PAC10 Offensive Player of the Year Award and finish 7th in the Heisman Trophy voting. Lewis is ranked #4 all time in rushing yards in a career, and #3 all time for rushing yards in a season.

Napolean Kaufman, RB, 1991-1994: Kaufman was one of the most electric Husky players to ever touch the ball. Each and every time he got the ball you knew there was a chance he'd take it to the house. Kaufman holds the record for most career rushing yards (4,106), most career 100 yard rushing games (17), most career rushes, and he averaged 5.6 yards per carry over his career. Let's just say you can basically find his name throughout the record.

Hugh McElhenney, RB, 1949-1951: McElhenney is one of the most decorated Huskies of all time. In his three seasons he rushed for 2,499 yards, 35 rushing touchdowns, and holds the record for most rushing yards in a single game with 296 against WSU (he averaged 14.8 yards per rush in that game). He set 16 season and career rushing records while at the UW and was an All-American in 1951. He went on to have one of the greatest NFL careers of any former Husky, even being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

Steve Emtman, DT, 1989-1991: The list just would not be complete without Emtman. Husky football has had a lot of great defenses, but none greater than in 1991. With Emtman leading the Husky defense the team went 22-2 overall and 15-1 in the conference during the 90 & 91 football seasons, culminating with the 12-0 perfect season and a national title. In 1991 During those seasons Emtman had 134 tackles, 14 sacks, unanimous All American, not to mention winning the Lombardi and Outland trophies. Did I mention he was the first overall pick in the NFL draft?

Warren Moon, QB, 1975-1977: Although his stats don't look great compared to the pass happy offenses of today, Moon is without question, one of the greatest Huskies of all time. He was the 1977 PAC8 Offensive Player of the Year and won the Rose Bowl MVP award after throwing two touchdowns against Michigan. After playing a few years in the Canadian Football League, Moon went on to a very long and very productive career in the NFL. Moon is one of only two individuals to be enshrined in both the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Marques Tuiasosop, QB, 1997-2000: He might not have had the best stats, or the fastest 40 time, but nobody had the desire to win like Marques Tuiasosopo. Known for his warrior mentality, he was dangerous through the air or on the ground. In 1999 Tuiasosopo became the only player in the history of college football to throw for 300 yards and rush for 200 yards in the same game! Did I mention he was injured early in the game? As a Senior Tuiasosopo led the Huskies to an 11-1 record (ranked #3 in the nation), a Rose Bowl win, and was awarded the Rose Bowl MVP.

Lincoln Kennedy, OT, 1989-1992: Kennedy led the Husky offensive line during the most dominate period in Husky football. In his two years as a starter Kennedy allowed only two sacks. He was a main reason for the success of Mark Brunell, Billy Joe Hobert, Greg Lewis, Beno Bryant and many other great Huskies during the early 90's. In 1991 & 1992 he was award the Morris Trophy for being the top offensive linemen in the PAC10. In 1992 he was a consensus First Team All American.

Ron Holmes, DL, 1981-1984: As a junior he set a school record with 23 tackles for a loss and received All PAC10 honors. In his senior season he led the Huskies to an 11-1 season, he was named the PAC10's top defensive linemen and was a consensus All American. Did I mention, until recently, he held the school record for most career sacks with 28!

This list could go on and on and on, but I'm out of time. Let's hear Dawg fans, who is the greatest of all time?