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Husky Stadium Update - Father's Day Edition

First I'd like to wish all the father's out there a very happy Father's Day! I know for many of us, our love of Husky football started with our fathers, and even our grandfathers. I remember many Saturday's as a kid watching Husky football with my dad. He tells me that he grew up watching Husky football at his dad's feet. Needless to say, Husky football is a family tradition for us, I even promised my dad one of my tickets for the first game in the New Husky Stadium.

On to the update: The crews are making progress at a blazing rate, everyday you can see quite a bit of progress on the web cams. Below is the usual assortment of pictures and insights. Don't forget to visit, I'm a big fan of the virtual venue. Check out the web cams for yourself at

Picture #1 - Husky Stadium Web Cam #3: This is where the majority of the visual stimulation is taking place. They are quickly putting up the floors and tunnels for the second level seats. If you look at the center of the stadium you'll see a few elevated rows of seats. It appears those will only be accessible from the coaches offices and the recruiting conference room. My guess is that it will be for recruits, their families and/or the families of staff members.


Picture #2 - The view of the west endzone structure as view from the east endzone. It's really starting to take shape and resemble a football stadium! I'm curious how long they are going to leave the unfinished open area in the middle of the west endzone seats. I'm sure the idea is to give easy access when building the interior of the FFB, so I'll be quite curious to see how long they wait before finishing that section.


PIcture #3 - The view from web cam #1: You can see that have started to pour the concrete floor under the south stands and will be continually progressing east as they go. On the right side of the picture you can see the steel structure for the FFB, it has reached the corner (edge of the west endzone) and will start progressing east along the south stands this next week. This is where it should get REALLY fun to watch! You can't see it because of the way I cropped the picture, but they have filled in one of the two retaining ponds with back fill. I'm guessing that they are going to need to move a lot of the equipment in the middle of this picture to a different staging area to make room as the construction progresses.


Picture #4 - It's hard to tell, but it looks like they are starting to put up the new speaker system on the North upper deck. You can also see they are starting to build the east wall for the lower deck. In the middle of the picture it looks like they might be starting to grade the ground for the lower deck which will be slab on grade construction.


That's all for this week, GO DAWGS!!!