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Better, Worse, or Neutral: Safeties

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Whoops. via footballnetwork.files.wordpress

Losses: Greg Walker

Returning Players: Zach Beebe (So), Ken Egu (So), Travis Feeney (RS Fr), Justin Glenn (Sr), K.C. Herren (So), Sean Parker (Jr), James Sample (RS Fr), Will Shamburger (Jr)

Additions: Shaquille Thompson

The Safety position is perhaps the deepest grouping on the team. The depth is such that three players have moved from Safety to Linebacker (Nate Fellner, Taz Stevenson, and Evan Zeger) and it still looks loaded.

Sean Parker will anchor the unit, after he started every game last season as a sophomore. He has All Conference potential, and should continue to progress as one of the best safeties in the Pac-12. During spring ball Parker noted that he feels the new defensive schemes allow him to play faster because the reads are easier, and he doesn't have to think as much. And as they say, if you're thinking, you're not playing.

The other safety position seems to be more of a rotation (though Parker will likely be swapped out at times as well), with Justin Glenn getting first billing. Glenn is a solid if unspectacular player. He has no career interceptions, which is concerning given that he's played in 27 games. But his speed has seemed impressive at times, as he's often seen running down offensive players when the defense breaks down, at one point even chasing down De'Anthony Thomas, who's speed is (according to fans from a school to the south) somewhere between Usain Bolt and Barry Allen (The Flash, for you non-nerds).

James Sample is expected to get some looks in the secondary, both at safety and as a nickle defender. He has a great blend of size and speed that make him seem like he'll be good in coverage as well as being able to help in run support, so the nickle position should suit him pretty well until he's ready to be a full time starter.

For the third straight recruiting cycle, the Huskies have brought in one of the top Safety prospects in the country. In case you've been living under a rock, that guy's name is Shaq Thompson. For a guy of Shaq's talents, the possibilities are endless. He has the skills and speed to play any of the positions in the secondary. His size to is such that they could play him at linebacker. In high school he had the ball in his hands all the time on offense, so getting him involved there is a possibility. He's the kind of player coaches dream about. There is no ceiling on his potential, and he'll only be limited by how hard he works and how quickly he picks things up.

Major shout out to Greg Walker, who gave up his senior year to go to medical school.

The verdict: Better.

Everybody is back, there's talent, there's depth, and they added the best high school Safety in the country. This one's a no-brainer.