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Husky Stadium Update

It's been a quiet week at work for this pilot, but not for the construction crews, which means you get yet another Husky Stadium update! This one will be rather short, but I've got a real slam bang finish planned. This past week saw the continued work on the steel skeleton of the FFB, I'd estimate that 70% of the steel structure is in place and the rest will be finished early this next week. My guess is that they will continue to wrap around the stadium and will start placing steel over the parking garage area by the end of the week.

Here's a few pictures showing the progress being made. If you aren't watching the web cams at, you don't know what you are missing! As always, be sure to click on the pictures to see the full resolution images.

Picture #1 - The future FFB. You can see two layers of white corrugated metal being layed down on top of the steel, which will later be covered with a thin layer of concrete to create the floors of the different levels. The lower level of white metal is the future main concourse which will feature far more restrooms, concessions and team stores. I'm willing to bet that having the main concourse inside the building is going to be VERY popular during the stormy games in November! The upper layer of metal is the future floor of the coaches offices and recruiting areas. I've even added purple lines to show you the exact location of Coach Sark's office.


Picture #2 - The FFB structure as viewed from the web cams located in the east endzone.


Video #1 - Here's my real slam bang finish. My first attempt at creating and posting a video. It's a time lapse of the demolition and construction progress as viewed from the Husky Stadium #3 webcam. It covers everything from November 8th thru June 9th.

That is it for this week, GO DAWGS!!!