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Weekend Debate: The Third Wide Receiver

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Results from Last Week: Who will lead the UW in rushing in 2012? I'm still shocked by the margin of victory as Bishop Sankey won by a landslide collecting 70% of the votes and Jessie Callier was a very distant second with 19%.

This Weekend's Debate: Who will emerge as UW's third wide receiver? After losing Jermaine Kearse and Devin Aguilar to graduation, Kasen Williams and James Johnson have taken over as the top two receivers on the team. But who will step up and take the third spot?

The Candidates:

#8 Kevin Smith - Junior, 6'0, 209lbs: In his first two season Smith has played in 22 out of 26 games, including three starts last season. He has all the tools, has shown great versatility, and has produced on the field as an underclassmen, although he will get "Kearsed" on occasion and drop a random pass that appears to be an easy grab. He would be the definite favorite if he wasn't recovering from a torn ACL.

#7 Cody Bruns - RS Senior, 5'11", 180lbs: After playing his first three seasons, Cody redshirted last season after missing some time due to the loss of his father. Cody will bring much needed leadership to the wide receiver group. He has a lot of experience on the field, but only has ten receptions. That being said, he has THROWN two touchdown passes!

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#19 DiAndre Campbell - RS Sophomore, 6'1'', 197lbs: After redshirting his first season, he played in all 13 games last year, he had a few receptions, but played mostly on special teams. Served as team captain for the Arizona game last season.

#82 Josh Perkins - RS Freshmen, 6'3'', 213lbs: He redshirted his freshmen season, but fits the mold of a big athletic receiver that Sark seems to be recruiting. He has good size, good speed, and seemed to come on strong near the end of spring practice.

#11 Jamaal Jones - RS Freshmen, 6'2'', 185: A local product out of Spanaway, he missed his entire senior season of High School due to injury and was still rated a three star prospect by Scout. He has good speed and strength, could be a real diamond in the rough.

#16 Marvin Hall - Freshmen, 5'10'', 176: He graduated from HS in 2011, but did not enroll until January of 2012. He's a little lightning rod with plenty of speed, but will his size hold him back?

#27 William Chandler - RS Junior, 6'0 192lbs: Joined the team in 2009 as a walk on wide receiver, redshirted his first season, and earned a scholarship in 2011. One of those guys who's name keeps popping up, could be the dark horse in the 3rd wide receiver spot.

My Opinion: It's a tough question, the good news is that we have a lot of optioins! Kevin Smith would be my first choice if it wasn't for the knee injury and I'm torn between DiAndre Campbell and Josh Perkins. Both have good size, speed and hands, the question is which one will step up and consistently make plays. Campbell has an extra year in the program, he has shown he can play on special teams, by a thin margin he gets my vote.

Let's hear it Dawg Pound, who will step up and become the third wide receiver in 2012?