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The Monday Morning Wash

The powers that be who run college football are going to be making some big decisions this summer. The biggest item currently on the agenda is the addition of a championship game after the January 1st bowl games have been concluded.

The SEC wants a formal four team seeded playoff followed by the proposed championship game. The two playoff games could be played at existing bowls or at new locations depending on how the bidding shakes off.

The Big Ten wants to exclude teams that do not win their divisional and conference championships. Under that scenario last years champion Alabama would have been excluded and the SEC doesn't like that. The ACC is also in favor of a seeded four team playoff that rewards conference champions.

Both the Pac 12 and Big Ten favor the "Plus One" concept which simply picks the best two teams that remain standing after the bowl games have been concluded. This concept protects the Rose Bowl and guarantee's that the champions of the two leagues will meet each year in Pasadena.

It also builds a lot more value into that new SEC/Big 12 venture called the "Champions Bowl". Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott told the Wall Street Journal that the creation of that bowl alliance was a game changer and it reopened the relevancy of the "Plus One" concept.

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive disagree's with Scott's recent salvo, "I think what's in the best interest of college football is a four-team playoff. I think it's better for everyone involved in the game. The plus-one narrows the postseason in a way that's not necessarily in the best interest of all the conferences."

The ACC is in favor of a seeded playoff that rewards conference champions and utilizes the existing bowl structure.

Happy Memorial Day Husky fans!

Start the day off with a quick shout out to the veterans for all their contributions in helping keep this country free and making it the best place on the planet to live.

History Channel

John Harbottle Passes

Renowned local golf course architect John "Jeff" Harbottle III passed away suddenly at the age of 53 while on a business trip in Southern California. He attended Seattle U and the University of Washington.

The News Tribune


DE Kalei Auelua has decided to grayshirt. He is recovering from knee surgery and he would have had to sit out anyway. This will give him the opportunity to play right way in the spring of 2013 and preserve a year of eligibility going forward.

If you haven't had the chance yet you need to make some time to listen to the Tosh Lopoi interview on KJR.