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Dot...Dot...Dawg... (5/25)

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Remember when Dippin' Dots were supposed to replace ice cream? Boy, I sure hope somebody got fired for that.

  • If you haven't already looked into it, Chris Brown's book is available. You can get it on your kindle or order it on paperback. It's a great look into football X's and O's, theory, and the history of the game's evolution. There's even a shoutout to Jim Lambright and the defenses he orchestrated at UW when Chris is discussing Bud Foster's Virginia Tech schemes, of which Lambo's defenses were an ancestor.
  • The boys at The Solid Verbal have Ryan Abraham (of on their podcast to talk about USC. They focus on USC, but naturally hit on other Pac-12 programs and note that Washington is a game that the Trojans may need to be worried about, citing the excellent job that Steve Sarkisian has done building the program, recruiting, and beating USC 2 of the last 3 years (though Abraham incorrectly says that USC was Sark's first win at UW, when in fact they beat Idaho the week prior).
  • Ted Miller wants to know which Pac-12 game you can't wait for with two Washington games included in the poll.
  • Arizona has a new helmet. Meh.
  • CGB notes that Cecil Whiteside was kicked off the team for unspecified team rules. Whiteside finished his freshman season with 3 sacks, 4 tackles for loss, and 2 forced fumbles.
  • Brian Floyd of Cougcenter notes that WSU basketball signee Que Johnson got a good SAT score and that might mean something, or it also might mean nothing.
  • Bob Condotta had a live chat yesterday and Ted Miller had one too which if you haven't looked over them yet are nice way to kill some time when you're trying to kill some time today. Don't lie, it's Friday before a holiday weekend. You're not getting anything done today and we all know it.
  • Spencer Hall tells you that in all things, keep it simple, stupid.
  • Jim Moore is bothered by Mike Leach shooting a bear. And I agree with him, which makes me feel very strange. Time for one of those clothes-still-on showers.
  • If you missed it earlier in the week, former WVU coach Bill Stewart died of a heart attack. Stewart was by all accounts one of the nicest guys in the coaching business, even if his head coaching tenure was a bit... uneven.
  • Really sad and disturbing story about a former USC commit, Brian Banks. It's great that he is out of prison, but I can't help but feel for the guy. He had a chance at getting a college degree, maybe playing in the NFL and having the kind of young adulthood that few get a chance at, but instead spent that time behind bars. The truly sick part comes in where his accuser admitted that she lied, but wouldn't tell prosecutors for fear that she'd have to return her $1.5 million settlement.
  • Softy had Sark on a couple days ago. Not much going on right now, but they did talk about the stadium, which when finished Sarkisian said "It'll be the best stadium in America, from a facilities standpoint and a gameday standpoint." So that's nice, and I'm sure any Oregon fan who reads or hears that will have gotten their panties nice and wadded. He also believes the team is right on the cusp, and with a couple balls bouncing the other way could have been a 9 win team last year.

It's a the first big weekend of the summer so have fun, but more importantly, be safe out there everyone.