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The Monday Morning Wash

Even though we are entering the so called quiet part of the year for college football things are heating up out there again as the structure of the game continues to evolve into an era dominated by four super conferences.

Scheduled for possible extinction this week is the ACC which previously looked like it was going to end up being one of the survivors. A new alliance between the Big 12 and the SEC nixes that.

Rumors are floating around that as many eight schools could be on their way to the Big 12 to form one of what would be four super conferences for football.

When the SEC and Big 12 announced their new bowl agreement Friday, they changed the paradigm of college football perhaps at the most critical time in the game's history. ACC and the Big East? Done in terms of being meaningful major college football conferences in the marketplace. One has barely made a blip in the BCS era. The other just pushed out its commissioner and is hanging on for dear life.

Dennis Dodd CBS Sports

The New York Times examines the potential ripple effect of the move.

The creation of such a valuable property will further the perception that the top football conferences - the Pac-12, the SEC, the Big Ten and the Big 12 - have further distanced themselves from everyone else. And by everyone else, that means the Atlantic Coast Conference, which is known as the fifth-best conference because of its 2-13 record in Bowl Championship Series games.

Pete Thamel NY Times

Washington Golfers Advance

Chris Williams eagled the 18th hole (talk about being good in the clutch) to earn medalist honors and Washington held off a final-round charge from top-ranked Texas to take home the team title at the NCAA Southwest Regional on Saturday.

Next stop for Washington is the NCAA Championship hosted at The Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, Calif. May 30th thru June 5th.

Softball Team Continues To Advance

The Washington softball team has advanced to the super regional after knocking off Harvard a second time this post season. The Huskies who finished eighth in the PAC 12 during the regular season will now face off against top ranked California. The recent resurgence is nice to see from a team that lost 16 of its last 20 games during the regular season.